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Challenger Approaching: All Hail the King

Who's that Pokemon?! I mean... *cough*

Welcome to the very first edition of Challenger Approaching, a series that will look at characters worthy of joining the ranks of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles for the Wii U and 3DS. Let's take a look at this weeks potential competitor.


Name: King K. Rool

Notable Appearances: Donkey Kong Country (SNES, 1994), Donkey Kong 64 (N64, 1999), DK: King of Swing (GBA, 2005)

Bio: Way back when Nintendo decided their famous gorilla deserved to star in his own series, King K. Rool came on the scene. The ruler of the Kremlins took it upon himself to steal all of the Kongs' precious Banana Hoard and went on to terrorize the poor primates in many other adventures. Known for his unbridled rage and bulging eyes, K. Rool is a perfect heavy weight for the Smash Bros ring.

Plan of Attack: King K. Rool, as he proved in DK64, has a variable bevy of attacks. Most notably are his crown throw and his ability to perform tremendous leaps coupled with powerful stomps. As mentioned above, K. Rool would be on the heavy side, but I can see him romping and stomping his way across stages with a nice balance of long and short range attacks (Much like Dedede).


Odds of Being Added: 6/10

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