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Nocsemo ke udekxoh opsakot otakaed ev Challenger Approaching! *cough* Excuse me, my Saurian is a bit rusty.

Last week we got a glimpse of my 16th character choice in my ongoing series of potential Smash Bros roster additions. This week we head back into the depths of space to find yet another talented femme fatale. Or should I say femme fatail...


Name: Krystal

Notable Appearances: Star Fox Adventures (GC 2002), Star Fox: Assault (GC 2005), Star Fox Command (DS, 2006)


Bio: Krystal is a blue vixen with a tormented past. Like many well known heroes and heroines she the lone survivor of a destroyed planet and has made it a life goal to avenge her parents and here people as a whole. Though she originally a feline in the prototype for Star Fox Adventures (Which wasn't even a Star Fox game at the time) she eventually made her debut as Fox McClouds ally and love interest. Officially becoming a part of Team Star Fox in the most recent games Krystal has played a major role in the star fleets adventures. Though many Star Fox fans consider Star Fox Command to be an non-canon entry there are multiple different ending that have very different outcomes. For example: Did you know Krystal and Fox have a son named Marcus McCloud (see above)? Other timelines lead to a split between Krystal and Fox while one has her going so far as to join Star Wolf and attempt to destroy her former love.


Plan of Attack: It wouldn't take much research on Kyrstal to find out that she has wielded many weapons in the past. Her signature form of attack is easily her staff from Adventures, which Fox uses throughout the game to battle enemies. The staff has magical properties and can shoot ice, fire and force fields as well as cause mini ground quakes. It can also be used in a helicopter like fashion to give the user an upwards boost, which could come into play as a form of recovery in the Smash arena. With her staff covering Krystal's close combat needs she could choose from the large array of weapons found in Star Fox: Assault to round out her long range abilities. This includes sniper rifles, blasters, homing launchers, grenades, gatlling guns and machine guns. Yeesh. That's a lot of potential fire power. Like most "spacies" (the Melee term for Fox and Falco) I feel she would be a fast and light character with quick attacks and easy combos.

Odds of Being Added: I think Krystal's odds of making it into the upcoming Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U are very good. She is a strong female character and could represent the Star Fox franchise in a whole new light. I would much rather see her enter the ring than Wolf, but only time will tell.


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