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Challenger Approaching: Dastardly Deed-Doer

When it comes to sports on Nintendo consoles there's only one man for the job. One man whose sole purpose in life is to humiliate and destroy you. Step aside, here comes Challenger Approaching!

Welcome friends and fiends, to the most viewed TAY series in the history of history. The only TAY series that takes a look at potential Smash candidates one at a time. Last week we jumped back in to the waters of prediction with a GBA superstar. This week the spotlight has been stolen by a surprisingly athletic foe. It's...


Name: Waluigi

Notable Appearances: Mario Tennis (N64, 2000), Mario Party 3 (N64 2001), Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GC, 2003)


Bio: Seeing as it was Luigi's 30th birthday this past week it's only fitting that we take a look at his lanky rival. Though many think the "Wa" in Waluigi was simply taken from the Wario vs Mario concept there is more to it than that. The prefix "Wa" actually comes from the japanese word Warui which basically just translates to "bad". Even Wario's name comes from this concept and not the fact that it sounds like the negative conflict "war". Waluigi was first introduced to the gaming world in the classic Mario Tennis for the N64. Since then he has gone on to appear in almost every Mario sports and Mario Party title to date. He has conquered tennis, golf, racing, baseball, basketball, soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, dancing and the entire plethora of athletics involved in the summer and winter olympic games. It's kind of bizarre that Waluigi hasn't ever been playable outside of a Mario game that wasn't sports or party related. Though I suppose fighting could be considered a sport, I think it's time we saw Waluigi step into the ring (and not as an assist trophy).

Plan of Attack: Waluigi is a tricky fellow. He loves to cheat and he's cunning to say the least. That being said I think his brawling focus should be on his athletic prowess. We already know, thanks to Peach, that tennis racquets and golf clubs make for good weapons, but Waluigi can push the boundaries of sports weaponry. I see no reason why he couldn't run opponents over with a kart, drill them with a baseball and finish them off with a powerful soccer kick. Waluigi could be the official Mario sports representative in the Smash series. Other bizarre abilities that Waluigi has acquired throughout the years, such as swimming in the air, could also be used to help him reach a new level of Smash Bros readiness.


Odds of Being Added: Though, as mentioned above, Waluigi has made it into a Smash Bros game as an assist trophy I don't think we have a very good chance of seeing him in the ring. I'm saddened to say that, as I would like to see him as a fighter more than most characters I've suggested, but I'm still not sure if we'll even see Wario make it back to the roster this time around. Here's a fun fact: Waluigi has only been in ONE game without Wario. That game was Mario Tennis: Power Tour for the GBA. Wahahaha!

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