Out in the furthest reaches of the universe there is a dastardly being. A force so terrible that it seems it cannot be killed. That is correct. It's... Challenger Approaching!

You may notice an itty bitty change to the main picture up above. I've added a little counter to the pictures so I can keep track of all the character I've suggested. As you can see this is number ten. As it's our ten week-iversary I decided to give the fans what they wanted. A fighter so powerful he may well prove too deadly for the ring. I speak, of course, about...

Name: Ridley

Notable Appearances: Metroid (NES, 1987), Super Metroid (SNES, 1994), Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA, 2004)


Bio: Probably best known as "that big red space dragon!" from the front of 1994's Super Metroid, Ridley is a maniacal space pirate with a vicious history. Ridley is commonly thought of as the arch nemesis to bounty hunter Samus Aran, heroine of the Metroid series. Surprisingly, Ridley is thought to be one of the smartest beings in in the known universe, despite not being a gigantic brain like some people. He also has a knack for resurrecting himself after falling in battle, which explains his many appearances and his tenacity when attempting to end Samus . According to the Metroid manga, Ridley can even heal parts of his body by *gulp* eating human flesh. Ridley did play a large (all puns intended) part in the last Smash Bros title where he was a key villain in the Subspace Emissary portion of the game. Perhaps it's time he made an even bigger impact in the ring.

Attack Plan: Although Ridley is now seen as an enormous hulking monster he was originally roughly the size of Samus herself. In Brawl he was much larger then even the biggest playable character, so he may be in need of a size reimagining. This is no problem, as Olimar should be 1.9 cm and is obviously a bit larger than that. Much like Charizard, who matches Ridley's body type better than any other character, Ridley would have the ability to glide and jump multiple times. Ridley has a wonderful arsenal of close and long range attacks to choose from. Ridleys toothy grin is more then just a good chomping attack. Plasma balls and the devastating plasma beam could both be shot from Ridley's gullet with deadly accuracy. Oh, did I mention his talons? And claws? And tail? Ridley is quiet possibly the most well armed villain in Nintendo history. Whether he's red, green, blue, neo, mecha, meta or omega - Ridley deserves a playable spot in the Smash Bros series.

Odds of Being Added: 7/10

Some say I'm too optimistic about my odds. Those people are probably right. But hey, I would love to see all my Challenger Approaching characters make the cut! The Metroid series is highly underrepresented on the Smash roster, so here's hoping Ridley makes the cut.


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