Once upon a time there was a hero who was unlike any hero that had ever been seen. He patrolled the land with hammer in hand, helping those in need. He was known far and wide as... Challenger Approaching!

That's right. We're back, baby! You thought 18 potential characters was enough? You. Were. WRONG. Last week I took a look at the "limitations" of the 3DS concerning the upcoming Smash Bros title. This week we're back to picking challengers. Give a friendly wave to...

Name: Paper Mario

Notable Appearances: Paper Mario (N64, 2001), Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GC, 2004), Super Paper Mario (Wii, 2007)


Bio: Ever wonder why Nintendo never made a sequel to the cult hit Super Mario RPG for the Super Nintendo? Well, they started to, but in the end the aptly named "Super Mario RPG 2" turned into the first Paper Mario. This is why there are so many similarities between the two games. It's hard to believe that the Paper Mario series has been around for over ten years, but let's hope it sticks around for another ten. The Paper Mario titles are well known for their humorous writing and goofy paper-related action elements. Aside from that the games (aside from Super Paper Mario) are simply wonderful Mario related RPGs.

Plan of Attack: Mario in his paper form has a HUGE amount of attacks to choose from, but I think developers need to step away from abilities that are too similar to the current Mario's move-set. One idea would to be to incorporate Mario's classic wooden mallet (seen above) as his primary weapon against opponents. Power stomps, kicked turtle shells and a bevy of paper-riffic attacks could make Paper Mario a very unique fighter. The most interesting aspect to adding Paper Mario to the roster is including his many many allies. Parakarry the Paratrooper could help Mario get back to the ledge and Admiral Bobbery (quite possibly the best ally in any game) could be tossed to blow enemies to bits. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Odds of Being Added: With the 2012 inclusion of the newest Paper Mario title, Sticker Star, it's clear that Nintendo is still invested in this sector of the Mario franchise. I realize that many Smash Bros fans think that having multiple versions of a single character is a bad idea, but I think with enough personality Paper Mario would be fantastic addition. Do I think he'll make the cut? Maaaaaaybe. Probably. Hopefully. Let me just say that IF Nintendo wants to add in another version of Mario, it should definitely be the paper version.


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