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Challenger Approaching: Pop Pop

Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Challenger Approaching!

Last week we talked about the addition of an interesting twist on a popular Nintendo favorite to the Smash Bros roster. This week I'm covering a man who didn't see much action until his world was re-imagined in the Wii U launch title Nintendo Land. I'm speaking of course about...


Name: Balloon Fighter

Notable Appearances: Balloon Fight (NES, 1986), Balloon Trip Breeze [within Nintendo Land] (Wii U, 2012)


Bio: Though Balloon Fight isn't one of Nintendo's most well known or critically acclaimed games, it still holds up well as an addicting single and multiplayer title. The game has been rereleased multiple times, even in e-Reader form, but there has never been an official sequel staring the main Balloon Fighter from the first game. There have been versions released, including a Game Boy title called Balloon Kid and Zelda inspired special edition called Tingle's Balloon Fight. After Balloon Fighter's triumphant return in Nintendo Land (even though he was represented by a Mii) it's time he made the jump to the Smash roster.

Plan of Attack: Balloon Fighter is a tricky case when it comes to a move set. Obviously his best fighting characteristic would be his fantastic recovery. Much like Kirby and Metaknight, Balloon Fighter would have the ability to recover from far distances due to his, well, balloons. As there aren't many long distance attacks associated with ol' BF he would most likely have a plethora of close range attacks and balloon related combos. Stringing together flying kick after flying kick would be very satisfying.


Odds of Being Added: 8/10

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