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Challenger Approaching: Seeing Red

Even though the Smash Bros series is fairly one sided when it comes to gender, the few females who have joined the fray can easily hold their own. With that in mind I feel it's only right to add another strong (and adorable) female to the roster. Prepare yourself... for Challenger Approaching!

Last weeks contender was a champion of the Game Boy Advance, and this weeks nominee is the same. Please welcome...


Name: Jill (seated inside her Drill Dozer)

Notable Appearances: Drill Dozer (GBA, 2006), Super Smash Bros Brawl [as assist trophy] (Wii, 2008)


Bio: Jill comes to us from the wonderful handheld gem Drill Dozer, a title that's all about bandits, diamonds and, well, drilling. The titular heroine, Jill, is a member of the Red Dozer gang, a rag tag group of mastermind mechanic bandits. When Jill's precious red diamond is stolen by a rival gang, known as the Skullkers, she fires up the family Drill Dozer to get it back. Much drilling ensues, I asure you. One of the games stand out features was that it actually came with a rumble pack inside the GBA cartridge, making it taller than most games at the time. Drill Dozer is also one of the only games Game Freak has produced since they hit it big with Pokemon. It's a shame we haven't seen a sequel in the last seven years.

Plan of Attack: Though Jill doesn't do much fighting outside her Drill Dozer in the original game (in fact it happens only once), she can still do quite a lot while piloting the savvy machine. The most obvious of attacks would be the use of the Drill Dozers powerful drill, which could be used to drive enemies off stage. The Drill Dozer has some great dash attacks and the ability to switch its drill bit from top to bottom and side to side. I also think it would be neat to see Jill use some projectiles such as cogs to bonk her foes from afar. They might have to get creative for sweet little Jill, but in the end I'd love to see her make the cut.


Odds of Being Added: 4/10

Psh! More like NEVER out of 10. Oh yeah, I'm witty.

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