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Challenger Approaching Special: Roster Cuts (Part Two)

Welcome back to the second installment of the Challenger Approaching Special - Roster Cuts! Last week we looked at my first five picks for the characters I think Nintendo would part with if they had drop some fighters from the Brawl roster. Those characters were the ones I felt had a chance of getting scrapped, but still might make it into the game. The characters I reveal today are my top five picks to get the boot.


Keep in mind that this list is based on who I think Nintendo would pick, not who I want gone. Because that list would simply consist of Yoshi...

Last week Part One received more views (almost 30K?!) and comments than any other article in the Challenger Approaching series to date. I hope to see more comments, complaints, and suggestions in today's finale. Now let's get back to the list!

5. R.O.B.

If it hadn't been for R.O.B.'s strange appearance in the fantastic Mario Kart DS I never would have even considered him a contender for the Smash arena, but darn if he didn't make it in to Brawl. R.O.B. is a very unique fighter and can do some serious damage if you know how to wield him, but he's just not as well known as the majority of other characters. As much as I love R.O.B. I'd also love to see some other 80's throwback character take his spot and Nintendo may feel the same way.


4. Zero Suit Samus

Smash's sexiest fighter (With Mr. Game & Watch coming in a close second) may not make the cut simply because she is an alternate version of an existing character. Even though she has a completely different move set I can see her getting the boot so the Smash team can give more attention to classic Samus and maybe... Ridley? Not to mention that we've already seen Samus unleash her final smash in the Smash Bros E3 trailer and there is no sign of her armor hitting the floor.


3. Ganondorf

Good ol' Ganondorf has been stealing Captain Falcon's moves since 2001. Though he's more fleshed out in Brawl he is still borrowing heavily from the Captain. This, coupled with the fact that I think he'll be replaced with Ghirahim, makes me think we may not see Ganondorf enter the ring.


2. Toon Link

He's faster, lighter and his bomb smoke looks AMAZING, but having two links with literally the same moves isn't something I want in the next Smash Bros. Let's hope that if Nintendo decides to double up they go for the Majora's Mask Link and not this adorable scalawag.


1. Wolf

The fact that Wolf made it into Brawl still amazes me to this day. The fact that he has the same basic move-set as Fox AND Falco doesn't help his case either. As the worst fighter of the three (IMO) I see no reason why Wolf shouldn't be cut to make way for a more original character. Can we put Andross' big robot monkey head in the game? We can't? Shucks.


Welp. That's all I have. The ten characters I think will be cut from the roster to make way for new (or returning) blood. Reading the comments from the last article many thought I would be putting Ice Climbers on this list, but I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Popo and Nana.

If you had to see one character get cut from the Smash roster who would you pick? Hit up the comments below and let us know!


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