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It's been quite a while since I've done a Challenger Approaching article, but with 20 potential characters under my belt I think I'm only going to do a few more before the actual release of the new Smash titles for 3DS and Wii U.

With that being said I've decided to do an official roster prediction for the upcoming games (both of which will have identical rosters). Keep in mind that this is a list of characters I think Nintendo will pick, NOT the characters I personally want in the game. Before we get into who I think will be added let's take a quick look at who we already have on our roster


- Mario

- Luigi

- Peach

- Bowser

- Donkey Kong

- Pikachu

- Fox

- Kirby

- Samus

- Pit

- Link

- Toon Link

- Olimar

- Marth

- Sonic

- Zelda

- Villager

- Mega Man

- Wii Fit Trainer

- Rosalina and Luma

All in all the Smash Bros team has revealed 20 characters (21 if you count Luma). I believe this is roughly half the final roster. Which means we could see around 20 more fighters emerge over the next year, as we get closer to the much anticipated launch. Who do I currently think has the best shot of stepping into the ring?


- Ness

- Captain Falcon

- Diddy Kong

- Yoshi

- Wario

- Ice Climbers

- Meta Knight

- Falco

- King Dedede

- Ganondorf

- Snake

- Mr. Game & Watch


- Little Mac


- Dixie Kong


- Chrom (Fire Emblem)

- Pac-Man

- Pokemon Trainer (with new Pokemon and hopefully a female trainer)

- Mewtwo

- Paper Mario


- Takamaru


Feel free to follow the links on some of the Predicted Newcomers to see who they are and why I think they'll be included. While Pokemon Trainer and Mewtwo wouldn't technically be "newcomers", they would be returning from a previous title (Mewtwo) or consist of all new characters (Pokemon Trainer).

With new opponents coming in it's only fair that some character from Brawl won't make the cut for the newest roster. I predict R.O.B, Wolf, Jigglypuff, Ike, Lucas, and Lucario will step out of the ring for the next bout. Though I'm sad to see them go I'm more excited at the prospect of new characters with fresh moves and more distinct personalities.


That's all I have for now. Am I way off? Dead on? Do I know nothing about Smash Bros? Let me hear it in the comments below. Feel free to post your own predictions as well, as I'd love to compare my list to other Smash fanatics.

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