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In the olden days there was a power that washed over the land of Weyard. We called it... Challenger Approaching.

Welcome back readers! Last weeks article, part two of my special on roster cuts, sadly didn't make it to the front page... so I didn't get quite the discussion I'd hoped for. But we're back to the normal grind with a true fan favorite. Don't forget that the fine folks at EVO will be streaming their Smash Bros Melee tournament this weekend! Don't miss it. Now, back to our challenger...


Name: Isaac

Notable Appearances: Golden Sun (GBA, 2001), Golden Sun: The Lost Age (GBA, 2003), Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS, 2010)


Bio: Best known for being the silent hero of the original Golden Sun title, Isaac is a classic Nintendo character through and through. The plot of Golden Sun centers around Isaac and his band of "Adepts" as they venture forth to stop the destructive powers of alchemy from spreading across the world of Weyard. Seventeen year-old Isaac hails from the village of Vale and adept at controlling Venus (Earth elements). In later Golden Sun titles Isaac is less of a key player, though his son Matthew is the focus of Dark Dawn which is set 30 years after the original. Isaac managed to make it into the last Smash Bros game as an assist trophy using his psyenergy attack simply known as "Move".

Plan of Attack: As mentioned above Isaac has the ability to use psyenergy to control the earth and at time other elements. His "Move" move produces a giant rock hand that can smash enemy and... well... move things. Let's not forget that the boy is also wielding a wicked sword and can equip other weapons in the original Golden Sun game. Oh and did I mention Djinn? Djinn are little creatures that embody the essence of an element. With the help of a Venus Djinn, Isaac could power up his attacks or maybe unleash an whole new plethora of moves. With his psyebergy and weapons he'd be very much like Marth meets Mewtwo (Marthtwo?).


Odds of Being Added: I feel that most assist trophies have a pretty good chance of making it into the upcoming Smash titles, though it's certainly not a sure thing. I have gotten many requests for Isaac and he certainly has a strong following in the world of gaming, so my guess is that we WILL see him as a playable character. If not, I'm sure he'll return as an assist trophy. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

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