Hey, Look! What's that!? Why it's another edition of Challenger Approaching! Can you guess this masked hero by his silhouette, or must you gaze upon his childish face?

Last weeks edition of Challenger Approaching gained front page fame on the Kotaku site and there were many delightful comments from fellow Smash Bros fans. Thank you! There were also those who said I had stolen this idea and the ideas for the potential fighters. I asure you I have done neither (though obviously there are other series like this one and only so many characters to choose from). With that being said I think you'll really enjoy this weeks pick, as I've alwasys thought he would make a fantastic edition to the Smash Bros universe.


Name: Masked Link

Notable Appearance: Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (N64, 2000)

Bio: Well Link has already been represented in the Smash Bros universe in three different forms, there’s always room for improvement. Majora’s Mask is a bit of a cult classic when it comes to the Zelda fandom, what with it’s bizarre sense of impending doom and mask related transformations. That’s what makes Majora’s Mask so great! Lost in the dark world of Termina, Link relies on his Deku Scrub, Goron and Zora masks to set things straight and stop the moon from crashing his crazy face in to Clock Town. Never has Link gone back to his mask swapping ways, but maybe it’s time he did.


Plan of Attack: Ho boy. The possibilities here are astronomical. In my mind Masked Link would play much like Pokemon Trainer. At no point would you ever be normal child Link, except in the brief moment of transformation between forms. Each transformation (a la Pokemon Trainer's three Pokemon) would have it’s own attacks. Deku Scrub has his bubbles and as well as incredible recovery skills. Goron Link would have his powerful roll (think Jigglypuff) and his ability to pumble foes with his rocky fists. Zora Link would be all about slick combos and quick counter moves involving his bladed fins. Obviously a lot of thought would need to go into Masked Link’s move set, but if done right he could become a Smash favorite and guilty pleasure for Nintendo fans everywhere.

Odds of Being Added: 5/10