Hello Kotaku. It's been a long time (over a month!) since we last visited the world of potential Smash Bros roster additions. I'm sure you're a wreck without your weekly dose of Nintendo related predictions, so I'm here to ease your pain. Welcome back to Challenger Approaching!

Back in August we took a look at one of the skinniest characters to ever grace a Nintendo console, but this week... oh this week. We're going to left field, folks. Far far into left field. That isn't to say I haven't gotten requests for this fellow, he's just a long shot if there ever was one. Give a powerful high five to...


Name: Captain N

Notable Appearance: Captain N: The Game Master (TV Series, 1989)

Bio: Though not technically a video game character, Captain N lives on in the hearts of many gamers through his somewhat short lived television series. Captain N was introduced to the world via Nintendo Power as "Captain Nintendo", and was eventually turned into a full fledged cartoon hero. The Game Master's real name is Kevin Keene, an athletic (check out that letter jacket) youngster hailing from Los Angeles, California. Like most teens, Kevin falls into a terrible vortex known as the "Ultimate Warp Zone" where he is transported to the aptly named Videoland. While in Videoland Captain N teams up with classic NES legends Kid Icarus (Pit), Simon Belmont and Mega Man. Hilarity and epic adventures ensue.


Plan of Attack: Captain N is an interesting case when it comes to making a solid move-set. His obvious means of attack would be his old school NES Zapper, which can "dematerialize" enemies as well as (apparently) shoot blocks of ice. Let's also not forget about the Captain's Power Pad belt buckle (an NES controller) which can give him super speed, hyper jumping abilities and even stop time. Actually... Captain N sounds like he could be a fantastic edition! He's one radical time stopping, ice shooting dude.

Odds of Being Added: Yeah... no. There's almost no way that a cartoon character, who showed up only on American TV and who's never been in an actual video game could make it into a game like Smash Bros 4. It would be a nice surprise, but the odds of Captain N being added are astronomical.


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Captain N art by DMAC.