Whew. It feels absolutely amazing to finally share this with you all. There's sort of a relief to at least taking the step to share it...But then there's this part of me feeling intense stress, anxiety, and fear, as to how you all receive it.

Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely proud of what I've created here...But this project has been picking up a bit and reaching a point where I'm starting to get fearful of taking artistic liberties for my representations. This is out of fear of the fact that people out there will disregard the work if it doesn't resonate with them on the face value of it. The whole point of this project is to leave comfort zones and try out new styles every now and then. There are times where I will want to get closer to original designs or times like this where I will do a 180. Anyway, this is going on for too long so hope you all understand where I'm coming from and continue to enjoy the art if you have been! So...Yeah!


I should just end this Pocket Monsters Draw-a-thon right here, right? This is who all of you have been waiting for, no? I mean, the timing was impeccable...You got Charmeleon on Friday and then had to wait a whole two days to see one of the most popular pokemon of all time!


(I like how I made the reveal of this one piece of art the highlight of the termination of your weekend :X It was, wasn't it? Be honest. What's that? It was the last thing you ever even thought about? That you had no idea I was doing a daily illustration series? Oh...Ok.)

When it came to figuring out a design for Charizard, I just knew I had to try something new. I actually drew up Charizard for a pokemon fusion fan art I did a while back (Charizard x Rhydon) so I wanted to try out something radical and different from his traditional form and look.


I'm sure the concept of expanding Charizard's design into such territory has been explored before, but it hasn't by me and that's all that matters for this project. Before going this medieval, European attempt, I tried out a more mythical, oriental, serpentine version. He ended up looking like the baby of DBZ's Shenron, and Rayquaza, which was both good and bad. I dropped it quickly and somehow fused Assyrian sculpture qualities into a draft of Charizard on four legs. I attempted to explore a rendered quality and was very happy with it, but it looked a bit too simple for a creature as beloved as Charizard.

As you have seen with Venusaur, the collage element is also seen here with an overlay of flames. I decided to have the starter final evos share a level of continuity, so you can kind of picture Blastoise moving in a similar direction. Anyway, the flame texture was used sparingly, as a gradient and added a nice level of detail to the otherwise simple render I was considering to push out. I opted to blend the fire in so that it didn't really look super imposed as a straight forward collage but to add some surface tension for personality. Soon after I added some more details to instill a level of regality. I lit up his belly to add to the flame montage of his body to give the impression that there is fire in this oven that is waiting to be unleashed.

And there you have it! As I have said, the burden has left me after releasing the art and although I am still worried people will hate the work because of the 180, I hope the rest of you do enjoy it! See you tomorrow, and enjoy your labor day! -Bonny

*Same Day Edit!*

Now, I haven't done this yet, but after seeing it "published", I wanted to make some changes. The changes I made emphasize the stylistic direction. Many sculptures and 3D works of the artists of old used to employ all sorts of jewels into their work. Lapiz Lazuli was one such material that was tossed in to add color and elegance. Although not exactly the same as LL, the turqoise of the wings were added as accents for the talons and jewels strewn across the "sculpture" of Charizard. Furthermore, I added an outline to flatten out the work, giving it a sense that it is a relief, as if impressed on a wall. This brings out some sense of the rendering of the muscles that were lightly touched upon the design. A juxtaposition, if you will. In addition, I cleaned up the work in small ways here and there, that would really take some time to analyze between the two to notice.

So anyway, here it is. Hopefully the changes made were all positive.


+ Pokemon One a Day is a series illustrated and curated by Bonny John in an effort to represent the entire catalogue of characters from the world wide phenomenon that is known as Pokemon. The idea is simple - to draw and share one new Pokemon a day (weekends off!) until every Pokemon is completed. This project is an exploration of fine art styles for learning and leisurely purposes.

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