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Check Out Destiny's Newest Raid, Crown of Sorrow

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Whats up! There’s a new Raid launching in Destiny today alongside it’s newest expansion, Season of Opulence. A new Destiny Raid is my most looked forward to gaming event every year. Usually Bungie will release between two and three new Raids each year for the Destiny franchise. Imagine a new game you’ve been waiting to release for a few months, you’ve devoured every shred of content on the internet in anticipation for the new game you’re about to play. You’re so excited you’ve taken off work, pushed aside other obligations, and ignored your friends. That’s how I feel about a new Raid, and today Crown of Sorrow launches.


Bungie released a teaser the other day which is presumably the back story for the final boss for the Raid, here is an excerpt and the link to the full post below (2 minute read time).

“What does it feel like?” asked the Emperor.

“Fear,” Gahlran said.

Calus must have responded, but Gahlran couldn’t hear him over the cacophony of voices.


He suddenly found that he could see.

Through a hundred billion eyes.

And that he could eat.

With teeth enough to consume entire systems.

He felt beautiful.


Here’s a trailer as well.


The release of a new Raid also brings with it another chance at nerd glory, the chase for World’s First. I’m not sure when it became a thing, but it certainly is now. Bungie themselves will watch streamers compete and try to complete their new content the moment it launches. Gamer’s push themselves to try and conquer the newest challenge issued from their favorite developer. Bungie themselves will announce an official winner and even offers an official reward for being the first team of 6 to complete one of their Raids. I try to compete in every World’s First race, wish me luck today!

Destiny’s Raids sound daunting mainly because a small portion of Destiny’s player base even attempts them, let alone completes them. The biggest roadblock to Raiding in Destiny is needing to have 6 players, there are of course top tier players that can finish these activities without a full team of 6. Alongside Raids being a 6 player activity they are generally quite difficult and will often times require the involvement of all 6 players to be orchestrated amidst chaos. The lack of matchmaking for Raids is another roadblock as well, however, I don’t believe matchmaking would help inexperienced players complete Raids.


Curious about getting into Raiding? Feel free to ask directly in the comments below (Most likely won’t have time to respond until tomorrow). I’ll keep an eye on my Twitch chat as well today. My clan and I take new people through Raids [PS4] all the time. The Destiny community is great, the Reddit is very active with plenty of players offering advice and LFG communities as well. I wouldn’t push so much for new players to give a Destiny Raid a try if I didn’t think it was such an amazing experience.

If you want to watch I’ll be doing a stream of the new Raid, Crown of Sorrow, today starting at 4PM Pacific Standard Time. Even if you don’t play Destiny I’d recommend giving it a look, art, style, gameplay, level design are all top notch and who know’s you might see a game you want to try out.

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