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Chillin' n' Grillin'

Even back then in 1998, I was not the sharpest tool in the shed. It was some where in between absorbing my bleventeenth enemy and assimilating its abilities, questioning why I was fighting with characters from something called the "Thirstquencher Empire" and groaning at the annoyance that was Princess Fillet that I realized something. I was assisting the Allucaneet Kingdom and wait, how come most everyone's named after food or drink? Heeeeyyy...wait a damned minute...

As I was sitting here trying to pick out one aspect of this game I wanted to talk about, I realized I loved it so much that I may just have to split this up into smaller posts this week so that the focus is not so strained and all over the place in just one write-up. Aren't you all so special and lucky?! No? Not really...? I think you guys are...stop selling yourselves so short, TAY! But I digress...


Coming off the high of Final Fantasy VII and while eagerly looking forward to the release of Final Fantasy VIII, I picked up the quirky Brave Fencer Musashi (in part for the demo of FFVIII that was included - oh, marketing. You sure know how to effectively confuse and work sometimes).

Capricciola, Soda Fountain, Bubbles and Gingerelle were all examples of food usage in the game too... why did I not make the connection early on as I played? Maybe I was too enthralled by all the other ridiculousness that the game had to offer that I was on a brain overload. Yeah, sure. Let's go with that.

Colourful characters, stealing the life force of my enemies to make my own, Vambee bowling and that rude little punk Musashi with his even more hilarious rivalry with Kojiro (if Musashi even cared enough to notice he had a sworn enemy) were just some of the things that made me happy to take up residence in Grillin' Village.

Not everyone was named after food and drink, though.

Yes! Maybe that's why I was not so quick on the uptake!


Mayor Govern! Muwahahaha. Isn't this just great?! Use my brain, though? How do I begin?


But in any event, educate me, TAY! Any ridiculous, pun intended moments in your video game adventures that you've encountered? Towns that were named after food, animals, and/or things? People named after drink, paintings, and/or music? Princess Bubblegum and the Candy Kingdom made it into a game just recently, didn't they (don't know, I haven't played it yet)?

Oh and just so you know, as I was writing this I only just noticed that it was "Grillin'" Village. I laughed. And then I laughed again because I remember at one point in the game, the town was set on fire and Grillin' Village was in Flames.


It got really smokey in there.

And yes.

I feel wonderfully brilliant right at this moment.

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