I'm really feeling it!

Is it the third Friday of 2014 already!? Time surely flies when you're having music producing related fun. So today sees the release of the final EP on my humble "Doom" tribute: "The 20th Doom - EP3 - Chiptuned Inferno"! 10 tracks instead of the usual 9 today, the extra one to celebrate the successful mission. Grab it in your favourite flavour from the links below:

Free MP3 Download - Bandcamp LossLess Purchase - YouTube Stream

Well, that was a lot of fun on my end. Did you enjoy? Hope so and that this tunes brought you fun memories of simpler times. As always keep up to date with new of this crazy hobby of mine at Facebook. So... what's in store for next Friday? Oh yes indeed, I will be releasing EP's every Friday this January! I don't really want to give it away just yet, but... I assure it will be "mega", "man"! *wink, wink*

Did you miss EP1 and EP2? Get the whole collection by doing the TAY Timewarp back to the past Friday the 3rd and Friday the 10th.


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