I'm really feeling it!

I initially became interested in this game during its failed Kickstarter campaign and had the opportunity to play the demo of the first couple hours. The game was fun and definitely has a Earthbound sort of vibe in both art style and presentation. In addition to Citizens of Earth's stylistic resemblance (homage?) to Earthbound, it sported some interesting mechanics as well. I was glad when Atlus picked the game up for distribution and even more glad when it was released yesterday (or today in some parts of the world). So I just wanted to note that the game is being slightly discounted for a limited time, just in case you were on the fence or wanted to try it out.

UPDATE: It looks like the demo is no longer available so you may have to rely on the steam site for video/screenshots of game footage and early user feedback. Eden Industries, the developer, also has a site with information on the game. From experience it does play like Earthbound.


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