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Class of GDC 2013

This year, the geniuses over at iam8bit have partnered with GDC 2013 to make high school portraits of the many game developers in attendance. Look upon them and know true joy.

The official description of their free photo sessions featuring only the highest quality "bad dos, questionable fashion and laser backdrops" explains:

GDC is kinda like a high school reunion. Every year, the game industry gathers in San Francisco to hug old pals... and make some new ones.

It's the place to learn and share (and drink) the many fruits of our creative business, under one gigantic roof. So it only makes sense to immortalize the occasion - especially because everyone always needs a new Facebook profile pic.

Presenting the "CLASS OF GDC: Photo Playset," where attendees are welcomed into an elaborate snapshot experience, harkening back to those days of bad dos, questionable fashion and laser backdrops. But hold up - this isn't JUST some funny thing you did at a party once...

A hair & makeup artist will be on hand to help you achieve that perfect look, you'll get to sift through a random assortment of ugly sweaters and hideous dresses, and a well-educated photographer will earn back their student loans while you awkwardly smile."


Thus, magic was born. Above you can see Tim Schafer of Double Fine embodying his inner trashy teenage rocker. And you can check out all of their images so far here and here. Return to iam8bit's Facebook page in another day or two to see the results of the next two days of photoshoots.

Here are a few more highlights:

Jeff "Big Jeffrey" Gerstmann of GiantBomb.com :

Notorious videogame analyst Michael Pachter :


Tom Russo, author of "The Ultimate Video Game Cheats" :


Gary Whitta, former EIC of PC Gamer & screenwriter of The Book of Eli :


Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski of Jazz Jackrabbit fame :


And many more!


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