Captain's log: Stranded at a strip mall with little more then a Dollar Tree I had to find a way to keep myself occupied. Little did I know that the Half Price Books was having a Memorial Day sale... and they had video games!

Who knew? I figured they just had, well, books. Turns out they have DVDs, video games and other used electronics as well. The video games for the the most part were highly over priced, ($12 for Kirby's Dream Land!?) but I found a little clearance section and snagged a few games that were worth a buck or two.


Keep in mind that there was a sale going on - 20% off everything in the store. So even though I wasn't going to play Wii Fit (I do still have a balance borad which I bough for $4 at Goodwill), at 80 cents it was worth adding to my collection. For those who don't know I ran track from middle school through college, in fact I wouldn't have been able to attend college where I did had it not been for my track scholarship. For this reason I felt I needed Bejing 2008 on the PS3. It'll be fun to play with my track pals. I also nabbed the first Kingdom Hearts graphic novel for my classroom, also 80 cents.

I checked out and walked past a rolling shelf of old VHS tapes. I stopped short though and grabbed...


At 40 cents a pop, despite the fact that I don't even own a VHS player, I knew I needed these classics. That's nine episodes for $1.20! Solid gold.

That's all I have for this week, maties. Now I'm going to go find a VHS player at my parents place...