Fairy Pokemon

Fairy / Normal Type

Clefable, and fresh off the evolution block! I featured moon stones as part of a design very recently, in the illustration for Nidoking (which I scaled back a bit, which helped out big time in my opinion) and its come back for this piece.

Admittedly, it was difficult to get down a direction for this piece before settling on this design and style, and I was influenced by none other than...Clefairy! Thus far, I try and make the previous design as different as I can from the current, especially if that's the case for evolutions. However, I found it difficult for this one, as its not necessarily that much different in appearance to its predecessor. Clefable is just taller, a bit wider, features longer wings, and has long ears with a different pattern. I guess there was a little wiggle room to play with...


But that wiggle room tended to make me feel like I was drawing, well, Wigglytuff. Or Jigglypuff. Or Clefairy. Or Chansey. You get the point? All these Pokemon are visually very similar (and soon to share the same types, not sure about Chansey but Nintendo, if you don't change the typing for it I'm gonna face palm hard, although I think competitive battlers are on the fence so maybe they do have some reason to be hesitant but in the sake of continuity and log in the Pokemon realm they outta just do it and i gotta really end this sentence soon because its going to be a run on and actually scratch that it most definitely is at this point let's be honest) and so as I was experimenting with shapes and forms I would cross the path into those Pokemon while I was trying to find the x for Clefable.


I eventually settled on working backwards. Clefable doesn't have much room for various poses so I gave her a prop, the moonstone. Instead of going with an outline, I colored a patch of the canvas in the shape of a Clefable and began to use white outlines to start etching in the form. This would make for an interesting style, and while it was messy, it would be a good contrast to Clefairy which was painted very tight and clean. This piece as is, features brushstrokes that are very visible against white outlines and small white marks to help showcase shading or in this case the lighting from the moonstone.


To give the piece some personality, I decided to make Clefable's wings very distinct, as I suppose that could be a strong feature of the original Clefable. I used the pink for those wings to fill in her eyes and the markings on her ears, which are no longer brown. Overall, I think I get the job done, and am happy with the work. Hope you are too!

Thanks for reading and viewing the artwork, guys! As always I take this time out to ask you to share this project and series with the rest of the Pokemon fans out there, who are probably busy with Pokemon X and Y right now! I myself am struggling getting much work done but I gotta say I've been very good, and playing the game late at night after trying to get all my work done.




Is...she flipping us off!?

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