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Clevo P150EM: The Potential-Buyer’s Review

Alternate title: "I’m thinking about buying this expensive laptop, and I’m gonna try to leverage TAY for opinions on the thing with my pleas disguised as an article."

OK, so, after a long search, I think this may very-well be the best laptop I’ll find that meets my qualifications. Namely; be as similar in appearance to a Compaq 6720s as possible, and be able to play high-end future-current (not just current-current) games on maybe Medium or just something not terrible and laggy.


For the “looking like the Compaq” portion; While I was hoping for something not mono-colored, at least the thing’s not black. (absorbs sunlight like ♪cray-cray♫) The keyboard, while kinda.. odd, looks OK. It has a hybridic, non-chichlet (<important, to me) layout that lights up and approximately matches the dimensions of my current keyboard. (The numeral pad and switched Windows button, while foreign, seem like something I’d be willing to cope with for the rest of its benefits)

As for the hardware portion of this thing, I’ve got a lot to choose from. I’m basing my choices off XOTICPC’s options, as they seem to be the likely candidate I’ll buy this thing from. (and also might be the cheapest option right now)

While there’s some things I’m comfortable choosing right off the bat (glossy screen, Win7 Professional, no external stuff I could just get elsewhere), I am left uncertain about a few things:

  • Processor: I’m inbetween the 3rd Generation Intel® Ivy Bridge Core™ i7-3840QM and the i7-3940XM Extreme Edition. (2.8-3.8GHz VS. 3-3.9GHz, $355 VS. $875) Question is; Is 0.1/2GHz really worth $525 more? Is there something other than those ‘Gigger-hurts’ to consider here? And what’s the deal with this “Haswell” stuff I’ve just heard about? Is that worth waiting for? Does it even matter that much here, since this thing has a nice GPU to work with?
  • GPU: This isn’t really a choice, as they set you up with the nVidia GeForce GTX 680M (4gb) when you choose the special edition. (which is fine by me, as that seems pretty high-end, right?)
  • RAM: The lowest I can go for is 16gb, but is there any value for spending $75 to get 24gb now, or $150 for 32gb? I mean, I don’t do that much in terms of all that heavy-use rendering, or whatever. But I’m trying to plan for the future, and I’m unaware of how hungry the future is for memories of horned sheep or whatnot.
  • Extra SDD: While could just get the 750gb HDD only, I’ve got two main options here I'd like to choose from. I can either get one set up as an Intel SRT drive, or an OS drive. While having the OS and the things I actually care about separate sounds appealing, issues I’ve read about concerning drive letter paths and some technicalities backing up the two separately or something makes me weary of that. Also, SRT sounds like it would offer more widespread performance over just having the OS separate. Also, what size should I even get for this thing either way? (what with that “space degradation over time” thing I’ve heard about)
  • HDD: Half a question, actually. For $90 more, I can get this Seagate XT 7200RPM NCQ Hybrid drive. (Same 750gb size) It sounds good to me, but is there anything issues I should be wary about concerning “hybrid drives” in general?
  • Wireless card: The best of the bunch are the Intel® Advanced-N 6235 and the Bigfoot Networks Killer™ Wireless-N 1202. They both seem to offer Bluetooth and Dual band, plus they cost the same. (on the site I’m looking at) Is there any deciding factor I can use here?

Also, I have concerns about some other little nit-picky things. For one, is it a good idea to pay to have it “overclocked” by these guys? I mean, not (just) in comparison to doing it myself, but would it cause trouble later on if I upgraded to newer internal hardware? And I’ve heard that is has a “rubbery” feel to the handrest. (I hope that's not gonna chafe..) Oh, and the powerbrick on this thing apparently lives up to being a brick. :S

Honestly, once I would get this thing, it might be a while before it saw any serious action. (it’s like a chicken-egg scenario; not having a great laptop meant not having big games, not having big games meant not needing a great laptop) But I want to be able to to do stuff like that. And this is intended for the long-term. Long-haul. The big kahuna-mawa-kala-nikiniki-neeyowza. Much longer then 6 minutes.


And, as for the path of ordering these things separate and putting it together myself:

1. About everything above would still apply.

2. I would rather have the construction of something this important/expensive in very competent hands, or at least ones more-so then mine.


So, that concludes this review which didn’t actually review the gosh-darned thing since I don’t have it and was mostly composed of questions, silly! If you have any info on this thing or its parts, please don’t hesitate to say so in the comments.

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Oh, and to make your trip to the bottom of this plea for help article worthwhile, here’s something that I thought might be a neat little idea to promote TAYclassic. It’s even got the old colors in it! (thoughts?)


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