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A little while ago I wrote an article about collecting gaming merchandise and mentioned how varied and expansive gaming merchandise can be, especially for the more famous franchises. And I thought I’d use this as a fun little example.

The other day my mom found an old Wilton Yearbook, which is a catalog/magazine of pastry decorating ideas and new tools to do them with from the Wilton decorating company. In this issue from 2001, they got the license to Pokemon. And as a result here are some of the products they produced and some of the ideas that they suggest with those products.


Lots of people actually collect old baking pans and Wilton has produced licensed pans since the 50s or so, so if you bake or make candy, it would probably be a lot of fun to try to find this stuff, though edible decorations might be lost to history now.

Either way I’m really tempted to hunt some of this stuff myself. I want a Pikachu cake for my birthday!


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