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Collection Inspection: Fox Box and the Cap'N

Hello fellow collectors! Think of this article (series of articles if this takes off in the slightest) as a way to show off your latest and greatest finds in the world of gaming.

Or if you collect something else (like spoons!) you can show that off too! It's fun to see what fascinating items people have stumbled upon.


Here are my recent finds in the world of Nintendo.

Star Fox complete in box! The kicker is that I got it for only $7. Not in perfect condition, but I gladly added it to my display case. Those creepy Team Star Fox puppets will haunt my dreams for weeks to come.


That's right. It's mother fluffin' Captain N the Game Master. This bad boy is in such good condition I was skeptical if it was an original print, but darn if it isn't authentic. Let's all point and laugh at Pit's big head.


As I hold the title of "Educational Gaming Specialist" this summer I figured I needed this atrocity on my desk. Oh Mario, what were you doing? Stealing shapes from small children? You scamp.

Anyone else have some finds? Post them in the comments below!

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