I'm really feeling it!

Remember how excited I was when Museo D’Alfonsino and Mahi Mahi Resort were announced last November?

You don’t remember? That’s probably because I was stuck in the middle of a conference and my communications to the outside world were nonexistent, but believe me, I squeaked like an inkling does when they find their favorite food.


Back then I thought that Nintendo had reached the limit on the amount of content available, “they will probably pull the plug soon” I said to myself, as I tried to get a glimpse of the new maps on my 3G internet. I was satisified, Fourteen maps, four game modes, and a plethora of gear and clothing, Nintendo has managed to keep the hype train running for 7 months straight!

I was ready to take a break from Splatoon, until I got a notification on my phone... “Check out Nintendo of America’s New Video”...

Two new maps will join the rotation:

One of our field researchers just sent me this movie all of sudden. I can see locations we have never seen before… The filming locations are “Piranha Pit” and “Ancho-V Games”? Wow, look at these squids’ groovy dance moves!


Time to go back to Inkopolis...

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