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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

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Happy Weekend TAY!

Yep, Skyrim...the game that never ends, that’s what I’m playing again this weekend and what I played all week. It is completely addictive and boy, does it suck away time at an astonishing rate.


I’m very happy with the PSVR in terms of comfort, given all the back-to-back hours I’ve worn it. 4-5 hours feels no different than the first 30 minutes. The weight of the headset is negligible and I never feel sore or uncomfortable with the HMD at any point while I play.

I am one of those people who is always warm. Around the house, I wear shorts year-round (as a compromise to my wife who is always cold) and I love living in Canada where it is cold for most of the year.

So, paint me surprised when I found out that having Sony’s giant headset, with a silicon gasket smashed into my face for hours, doesn’t make me the least bit warm(er). Granted, it is cool in my basement where I play, but I’m thankful that overheating myself doesn’t seem to be an issue inside Sony’s HMD. It is an exceptionally well thought out device with a solid pedigree of design.


PSVR is a surprisingly comfortable experience and I only have a few tiny complaints, given that you have TVs mounted on your face.

To obtain the perfect view and focus, I need the lenses in the headset to be extremely close to my eyes. So much so, that I often have to readjust the headset when I first start playing as my lashes will occasionally make contact with the lenses. (yes, I have thought about an eyelash curler)


Of course, the “cord” is the biggest problem with the PSVR and it is nice to know that wired VR is just a growing-pain of things to come. Thankfully, there is only a single, thin cord, that the user needs to concern themselves with for Sony’s HMD. I haven’t played anything that requires a great amount of travel on PSVR and I think that’s by design. Sony seems to have fostered a culture of being able to play VR without a great deal of space and many (most?) games can be played while seated. I could see the cable being more of a pain with some games if you had to move around a lot or turn quickly. Personally, I’ve snagged a Move Controller on the offending cord a few times as I flail around fighting groups of Draugr in Skyrim VR, but for the most part, I don’t notice it hanging off the unit and along my body. I am looking at a solution for VR cord management just to remove any concerns and I’m happy to see lots of options on the market, though, they are quite the commitment.

My biggest complaint is that the silicon nose guards, that prevent outside light leakage, occasionally tickle my nose. It isn’t terrible, but I find myself rubbing my nose more often than I would outside of VR. Mind you, I am one of those people who always seems to have an itchy nose, so I’m sure mileage will vary from person to person how the silicon gasket feels on your face. Just for context, I got a nose ring in university in my twenties and took it out about two months later because it made my nose itch all the time and drove me absolutely batty.

Just Scratching My Nose

I also have extremely sensitive skin (ok, now I’m oversharing...) and have been known to break out in rashes from skin contact from common devices. I just passed a pair of Beats “wireless” earbuds on to my kid because the cord that rests on the back of your neck (connecting the two earbuds) caused severe irritation to my skin. I was worried about the PSVR since the silicon gasket makes contact with a large area of your face, but so far I haven’t had any issues or irritations. It really feels like Sony thought of everything.


I’m in for more Skyrim VR this weekend when not watching Black Mirror with my wife (we’re hopelessly hooked...*so* good). My son is swamped again with homework, but we are still chipping our way through Breath Of The Wild. Hopefully, the two of us can get in an hour or two this weekend to find some stolen lightning helmet or something like that. Lots of people wanting stuff in both Skyrim and BotW...you feel a little used after a while.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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