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Hey everyone, welcome to another week of Comics You Should Be Reading! I had a tough time choosing a book for this week’s edition. Poe Dameron #1, Black Panther #1, Grizzly Shark #1, and this week’s The Wicked + Divine were all absolutely fantastic books.


That being said, the absolutely bonkers and fun Grizzly Shark won the day. Grizzly Shark is a book about a shark that is mixed with a Grizzly and lives in the forest terrorizing people. That sentence alone should be enough to get you to drop whatever you are currently reading and go pick this up. The fact that it’s set in the hillbilly south, and the comedy that comes from the extremely stupid only enhances the charm of the book. If you’ve ever read Invincible and are fond of the sudden extreme level of gore in that book, Ryan Ottley writes and illustrates that over the top zaniness without any hint of restraint here.


Speaking of Ottley’s work, the art here is top notch. Some of the panels with the Shark looming before the attack are absolutely frightening, while others where it’s mid attack are comically cartoonish. Ottley frames every page with a knowing wink to the reader and seems like he’s just having a grand old time with every single inch of this book.


This book is not about thinking, it is not about well established character arcs, it’s not about a dark and brooding hero. It is about a Grizzly Shark ripping a bunch of hillbillies to shreds, and enjoying the Sharknado-esque fun that goes with that.

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