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Comics You Should Be Reading - Power Man and Iron Fist #3

Welcome to another week of Comics You Should Be Reading! This week we’re going to tackle another newer series, but we’re hopping back into the Big Two after a couple weeks with creator owned comics. Power Man and Iron Fist is the topic at hand.


The story of the two Ex-Heroes for Hire getting back into the game, albeit somewhat unwillingly Power Man and Iron Fist oozes style. The tone it convey’s is somewhat split between the iconic look of The Gorilla’s album artwork, a blaxsploitation film, graffiti, and a Kung fu movie. It’s a happy mix and the exaggerated expressions go along way to sell this issue that focuses a lot on conversation. See, this issue is all about set-up. Normally this would drag the pace of the comic into severe boredom or talking head syndrome, but Power Man and Iron Fist deftly avoid this through stellar art and humor.

Strong scripting is the second half of the recipe that makes this a fun read. While there’s some glaring issues with the way Danny is handled, mainly that he’s much more jokey than he used to be, the dynamic between the two is strong and entertaining. More importantly some of the side characters we’re introduced to are pure gold. Tombstone is one of the antagonists in this opening arc, and his henchmen are a barrel of laughs. The two we’re introduced to are bumbling regular folks with skull makeup on and we’re treated to some great exchanges between the two as we follow their day in parallel with Luke and Danny. Senor Magico may be the best part of the whole issue as he manages to one up Doctor Strange in magic knowledge and drops a sick piece of art to go with the description. Not to mention his name is Senor Magico.


Power Man and Iron fist is a fun title that just exudes style from every panel, the art alone is worth the price of admission, and if you enjoy some of the older 70's Blaxploitation films even more of a reason to give it a look.

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