Hello once again my friends, sorry I have not been on much we have been super busy, and am happy to report that I got one interview down this week and have one more to do tomorrow, then on to the next week! Wish me luck! But anyways, let me get to the point of the article. When we moved, and for a good while after that I had not touched Animal Crossing for some reason or another. Either we wanted to play a different game or we were just too busy unpacking or trying to find jobs. But then I just recently came back after that hiatus and I was amazed. The game made me legitimately feel as if I had been missed. There were letters from my citizens asking about how I was doing, when I spoke to them they actually seemed as if they had missed my character. I was delighted at how they actually made it seem like the village had kept going but they actually felt as if something was missing due to my absence. This was the initial feeling as I came back to town, happiness at having been missed by the townsfolk that I had really come to like in my town, oh yeah Sheldon was there too but I hate him so I ignored him. (Seriously, I hate that Squirrel.)

Of course directly after the good feelings came the guilt, and it was of course twofold. Firstly I felt bad that I had neglected to log on to at least see how my villagers were doing, and secondly and most urgently I felt guilty about the horrendous amounts of weeds that had taken over my village. As I looked around at my carefully maintained village proper and instead of seeing the fields of flowers( They died. T___T) I saw weeds as far as I could see. I was aghast, and the first part of that first day was spent cleaning my town up. No town of mine will look like this! Weeds were uprooted with mindless ferocity until my town was clear, then I set about trying to cultivate my flower garden again and make sure the rest of the town was still looking good.


And then once my fervor was over an I looked around the next thing I felt was wonder. My trees were starting to look different, and I realized it was because the season was beginning to change. Now I knew this was going to happen but it was such a cool feeling to leave my village and it was one season and then to come back and the trees have started changing. And I even had a new resident move in since one left whilst I was gone, traded a penguin for a pig, but it's okay because Gala the pig is adorable, my wife is already planning on attempting to coerce her to move to HER village instead of mine. I believe that is part of the wonder of it all though, we left and we came back and we are enjoying it as much as we were then, if in smaller doses due to the fact that there is not as much to do. And finally I believe it hit me that I did not want to absent myself away from Animal Crossing anymore. Pokemon is coming and that will be the main thing played on my 3DS but I will still boot up Animal Crossing every day to take care of the Village and the Villagers. I am the Mayor after all.