I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I must apologize to my fiance, for I have found another love. No, not another woman - that would make me a piece of shit. My friends, I speak of the Sega "Goddamn" Genesis.

It all started with the death of someone I do not know. Some guy, somewhere, died, and his next of kin sold his entire collection of Sega games to my favourite game shop. Seeing so many rare Genesis games at low, low prices made me buy games I otherwise may not have tried. These, as the shop owner calls them, are haunted games. And I have to say, old man from York Region... Thank you for parting gift. :D


Anyway. About half the games in the picture above are "haunted" games. Almost every game above is goddamned amazing. The 32X and Sega CD... Are both broken. :D But I bought them for a combined $30, and I have the technical know-how to fix them. So the review will have to wait until they are working, obviously. I intend to review the Genesis, the Sega CD and the 32X - and a swath of games along with them (especially the obscuro stuff I'd only heard of in passing and bought without much knowledge of them). I'll be sure to pick up some 32X games as well, although there are only four I'm interested in at all (those being Knuckles Chaotix, Kolibri, After Burner and Space Harrier - my brother has the first two).

I know this post so far is a little rag-tag, but the actual review is going to be quite large. Along with the reviews, I'll go over the process of repairing the broken systems and suggest some games to pad out your Genesis collection. I'll also go over some common problems with the consoles in particular (did you know that more than 50% of all 32X consoles were dead out-of-box, and that most of the returned consoles were destroyed?) and talk a little about mid-90's electronics.

Hope you're looking forward to it!

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