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CommuniTAY: A community or a clubhouse?

Well, I got wrapped up in my Xbox One for a week, and came back to drama and some trying times here at TAY. *shakes head*

(Full Disclosure : While I am good friends with Fist, I have decided to remain impartial at the moment as I don't really know what happened.)

As I get more details about the banning of 2 long-time TAY peeps, and then the abandonment of an admin post, I find I am curious about one thing:


Did any of this confrontation happen in official TAY channels? The Site or the IRC?

I mean, I went looking for evidence and a paper trail to understand both sides of the situation, but all I found was reference to it after the fact, and some conversations between individuals that contained limited detail.

(UPDATE: Morie has generously provided I_Kluge's timeline for the sake of transparency.)

I read the word "harassment" being used and I also read that it's been felt on both sides of this. Unfortunately, only one side truly got any kind of resolution on it. That and the loss of an admin which may or may not be related but the timing seems suspect.


I've been known to talk smack about TAY-related things to people outside of TAY proper - now, I worry if this is something that everyday users of TAY have to be worried about getting banned for. If I disagree with something done, or don't like a decision made by the administration here, and voice it OFF TAY, am I looking at being put on a watch list also, or some kind of admin-enforced punishment?

The way this whole thing has gone down makes me worried for TAY in general. We've certainly had our differences as a group over the last 1.25 years I've been around, but never to this extent and never this dramatically.


So, what can we do as a community? TAY, this is a question for all of us. What could we have done to handle this better?

There's been a lot of talk about this in different scattered posts, but let's address it head on and get a dialogue going.


Chime in - let's handle this like a community and try to learn from it.

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