Hello everyone, and welcome to TotA Dev Blog #10 with a guest writer! So I'm not really one of the developers of Tales of the Arcanimus, but DragonStorm asked me to write something since he is quite busy with all things TotA. Last week DragonStorm covered a variety of magic-related subjects but this week I'm going to share some of my personal experience with TotA.

DragonStorm and I have been friends for quite a while now so I have been following TotA since the early stages of its development. I've even helped out a few times with various things. I've participated in a few playtests and run the official TotA Twitter, but most importantly I've contributed to lore development.

You see, DragonStorm and the other lead developers of Tales of the Arcanimus like to listen to the feedback of the TotA community, which right now is mainly limited to friends at this point but that is something we're working to change with these blog posts here on TAY. They've gone far beyond just listening to feedback from playtesters in terms of balancing, mechanics, and all that jazz by reaching out to the community and asking them to help write lore and create new player races completely unique to TotA. Today I would like to discuss the two player races I have contributed to the world of Tales of the Arcanimus.

First up are the mighty Rhogonns of Ionan. Rhogonns are large rhino-like behemoths that live in the region north of what once was the Sarethi Empire which was discussed previously. A Rhogonn is a force to be reckoned with for sure. Rhogonns have think leathery skin that reduces the amount of non-critical damage they take. They also have an array of weapons at their disposal at any time in the form of a bone plate on the skull for headbutting and lethal horns and tusks. A Rhogonn can quite literally use his or her head to kill you in so many different ways.


Rhogonn society is a tribal one, with many clans spread across the wide northern reaches of Ionan. Clans don't usually go to war with each other but there are some clan rivalries. These rivalries are more like competitions as opposed to the clans actually being true enemies. Inter-clan relations are dominated by the five most powerful and influential clans.


Rhogonns value strength above all else. To show weakness is a disgrace. Rhogonns also despise magic. They view is as a false strength used by cowards. In the Rhogonn language, magic is known as erushaakk which roughly translates to "usurper of strength." This of course made the Rhogonns the natural enemy of the Sareth, whose entire empire was built upon the rule of mages. With the advent of the reformation which granted the ability to use magic to everyone, any Rhogonn who dares practice magic is considered a heretic and is banished from their clan and is no longer considered a true Rhogonn.

Rhogonn territory used to be a part of the Sarethi Empire but once the empire began to decline due to the ability to use magic being grated to all, the Rhogonn clan chiefs all agreed to unite and drive out the Sareth and free their homeland. They were eventually successful because the Sareth were dealing with uprisings in the south.


That brings us to the second race I developed for Tales of the Arcanimus: the Taraelians. The Taraelians are an avian race that inhabit the southern region of Ionan. Small in stature compared to the Rhogonns, this bird-like people rely on speed and agility. With their keen eyesight, Taraelians are able to land critical blows more easily.

The Taraelians value freedom and community but unfortunately they chose to give up their freedom in order to protect their community. Rather than fighting the might of the Sarethi Empire in its rise to dominance, the Taraelians chose to surrender.


The Taraelians were long subjugated and oppressed by the Sareth and lost a good chunk of their culture along the way. However, once magic was grated to all, hope began to emerge. With their new found magical abilities, Taraelian freedom fighters began to rally, the steady decline of the empire spurred them on, the Rhogonns pushing back in the north spread the empire's resources too thin and the Taraelians eventually won their freedom.

The newly liberated Taraelians vowed to never live under oppression again and set up a new democratic society in which representation was given to all. The future looks bright for the Taraelians unlike that of the Sareth whose empire is now a shadow of its former glory.

That's all I have for you today. DragonStorm will have more to say in the future I'm sure and I may end up sharing more of my TotA experiences somewhere down the road as well. As always, you can find us on Facebook and on Twitter. Don't forget to tune in next week!