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Community Spotlight: Scott Pilgrim Vs. the Battle Royale

Good morning nu-TAY. Welcome to the Community Spotlight. Each week, I am going to spotlight a member of the non-author community putting out good work, and hopefully, ya know, good things will happen for them. We authors do not have the power to do promoting and such, but I figure that we can at least show off the stuff that deserves to be shown off.

Today's spotlight is a double billing because it is the first posting and I am just so generous. First, let's talk about Twizm since somebody has to be first and he asked nicely (also, he posts cool things, which helps). He is getting spotlighted today for owning this awesome piece of artwork right here that manages to merge my favorite things: Scott Pilgrim and Battle Royale.


But wait, there is more! Twizm also was the first one to introduce me to the marvelous breadfish, which simultaneously wins him +10 internet points and -5 respect. For those curious: http://www.breadfish.co.uk/ So, despite your lack of "authorship," Twizm, you are alright in my book. Feel free to visit him over at: http://twizm.kinja.com/

Now, normally that would be it, but like an infomercial that just won't shut up, THERE IS STILL MORE! Today, I am going to spotlight a second person who is creating great work: Panama_Punk. Panama has a dream, and it involves Pokemon. He wrote a great article over on his blog about "Your Dream Pokemon Game," which promises to be part 1 in a possible series. Honestly, the suggestions he has made thus far were enough to make even me, a non-Pokemon fan, salivate. Then, he then pulled the rug from under me by explaining how Nintendo will likely pass on such an idea. WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME SAD, PANAMA? Anyway, take a look here: http://panama_punk.kinja.com/your-dream-pok… Also, be sure to follow Mr. Punk at: panama_punk.kinja.com


If you want to end up in the community spotlight to get some exposure for your work, then just leave a comment below saying so and suggesting what might be worth spotlighting (an article, column, piece of art, really funny/poignant story, etc). I cannot promise anything will come of it beyond being in this column, but hey, exposure never hurts! And, even if you don't get in the spotlight, you get to show off your work to the peoplez in the comments!

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