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I'm really feeling it!
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Confession: I Like Bad Edgy Things

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Alright I think I’ve been around here long enough to divulge one of my deepest, darkest secrets. Something so vile and indefensible that I am guaranteed to lose a few friends after this article is posted. I… really like Shadow the Hedgehog. I’m so sorry.


The game, the character, it doesn’t matter. I love his generic, cookie cutter edge that leaves twelve-year-olds awestruck and adults rolling their eyes. His devil-may-care attitude, his black and red color palette, his stupid, out of place use of firearms, I can’t get enough of the shallow darkness that makes up his entire being. It doesn’t stop there either. I’m a huge sucker for anything that looks like it was conceived by an edgy teenager on DeviantArt.

I was reminded of this today when YouTube recommended Infinite’s theme from Sonic Forces while I was listening to various anime openings (don’t judge. Well, not for that anyway. There are better things for which to judge me). I vaguely remembered listening to it before, but I figured I’d give it a shot again. After all, I love “I Am… All of Me” from Shadow the Hedgehog, and I figured Sonic’s newest edgelord rival probably had a theme in a similar style. I was partially right, I’d say the song is more alternative than Shadow’s iconic edgefest, but man does it deliver. It has everything the teen inside you wants from a song: distorted guitar, shrieking synths, and some of the most hilariously amazing lyrics you have ever heard. “Cause if you’re messin’ with me, I am a dangerous weapon / I am the sharpest of blades, I’ll cut you down in a second.” Pure, unfiltered poetry.

There was definitely a point in my life when I was ashamed of this side of me, but I’ve grown to accept it. Sure, denizens of the internet on the whole tend to decry this kind of content, but that’s no reason to deny something that I enjoy. So I’m here to say, loud and proud, I love edgy shit. Think of that what you will.

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