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Console Wars (and PC Master Race): On Why They Need to Stop

Playstation or Xbox (or PC)? That question has been poised to me a billion times before. It is an age old question and it is an age old feud between fans of both consoles.

For some reason people like to rally behind one or the other and then vehemently defend their console of choice before quickly dumping on the other console. It is interesting to witness but it is something I hope will eventually disappear. As an owner of both consoles this generation as well as last generation and an owner of a PC, I must say I hate the question and I hate the idea that I must choose a side. I think it is a silly argument for silly people sometimes. I get the idea that some people have preferences and that is completely fine by me but to then go ahead and start rifting on the other console because you do not prefer it is a little silly.


I’m an idealist at heart and because of that I am a firm believer in let people enjoy what they enjoy as long as they aren’t hurting anyone/anything. If I like my Xbox One, so what? It is a reliable console that allows me to play some games that I cannot on my PS4, I also happen to like the user interface and homepage a little bit better than I like Sony’s this generation. And if I like my PS4, what does it matter? Once again there are certain games that I can play on my PS4 that I can’t on my Xbox One. And my PC, my PC I love because I can play all the pretty games and they look a little nicer as well as there are many games that only PC has. Each have their pros and cons but no one console is superior to the other. I can see why people like the PS4 and I can see why people like the Xbox One as well as the PC and that is perfectly fine by me.

This is a feud I believe needs to end finally. Gamers should not have to be afraid to tell others what consoles that they enjoy because they anticipate that they will receive flak for it. No gamer should put down another gamer because they have a different preference, a preference guys and gals. It is a personal choice and it is a choice that nobody should put down because it is such a trivial thing to hate on.

I write this article because I have seen a divide among gamers, whether it is the argument about casual gamers and hardcore gamers, or it’s an argument about the people who like FPS’ versus the people who enjoy more of the RPG variety of games. The biggest divide I have seen however is between the people who play on different platforms/consoles. I want that divide to close. I want people to feel comfortable to share their hobby with me and everyone else who enjoys what they do.

The term “gamer” is a very vague term because it encompasses everybody who plays games from a to z. There are millions of maybe billions of gamers out there and we are such a large force and when we come together we can do really awesome things. So why do we divide ourselves into trivial categories? At the end of the day is a console gamer anymore superior to a person who games on their mobile phone? Is a person who games on an Xbox superior to those who game on a Playstation? Are PC gamers really the master race?


The answer to every single one of those questions is no. No, no, a thousand times no. At the end of the day, the only superior people are the people who are enjoying what they love to do without any type of restrictions. The people who are winning are the people who accept every person who shares an interest in their interests.

“Console Wars” and this whole idea of “PC Master Race” need to come to an end. Because divided we can make up maybe strong little groups but, together, as a whole, we can be a very powerful driving force that has the ability to create change and do great things. We are already on the path with livestream charity runs and the type of inclusion we can sometimes show, but if we can all just take the step to not look down on somebody else when they enjoy something we don’t, then we will be on an even better path. So why don’t we take that step? I promise it will no doubt benefit us all in the long run.



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