I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Welcome to ConsulTAYtion, the community advice column where each week a different denizen of TAY will facepunch your most pressing life questions with a fistful of wisdom.


This week's guest columnist: DamsonRhee

For a long time now I have enjoyed staying up late and playing games until the wee hours of the morning — old college/high school habits die hard, I suppose. But, as time has gone by, and my need for sleep becoming more frequent, to the point where I wanna go to sleep early, I find that it is incredibly difficult to finally drift off. I think this old habit, coupled with the fact that, when I want to go to sleep, I get quite anxious about whether or not I will have strange dreams, thus making me want to stay up later, is affecting my sleep patterns. Are there any tips I should know about that I can use to get a good night's sleep?


I have no magic answer for sleeping. I, in fact, have horrible sleeping habits. A few things have helped me over the years. Somewhere I read that you shouldn't use electronics before bedtime, but as gamers, that's more a suggestion than an answer. Try to have a consistent bedtime though. Sometimes you'll lie awake and sometimes you'll be right to sleep. Give your body the chance to decide. If you're lying awake, have a book nearby, or crosswords, or Sudoku. This is the time I recommend not playing a video game and getting involved in something that will take a lot of sleep time. I get anxious about falling sleep. I like my crazy dreams (and have even had dream journals trying to decode them), but I still have anxiety. I found a strange solution that works sometimes. I imagine what I want to dream about. Sometimes me starting a story will help my mind continue it during sleep. I'm not saying it will work for you, but anything I can think of to help, and I'll suggest it.

What is the best way to break up with someone? Specifically, if you're breaking up with someone because you fell for someone else should you even mention that? Seems kind of deceptive to leave it out but maybe it would hurt less if it was just presented in very general terms of "this just isn't going to work." Is there any way to go about it that won't leave you feeling like a horrible person afterward?


There is no best way to break up with someone, but let me start by saying: Always be truthful. It's hard to do and I understand that. And the other person will probably think you are horrible for a while. In the long run, you'll feel better for being honest, and maybe the other person will realize honesty is better too. I know of no way to make "There is someone else" less hurtful, but how you handle it is what matters. Don't try to hide it. They'll either find out or they might already know. Just be honest. And good luck!

I have a nephew who's seven and plays a lot of adult-oriented games like GTA V and COD. I don't personally believe that playing violent video games creates violent people but at the same time I'm a little concerned that he spends so much time playing games that are maybe a bit … mature for him. It's not my place to say anything, right? I mean, I want to say something but I have a feeling I should just stay out of it. What do you think?


It is your place to say something! Whether his parents listen or not, is the real problem. As a parent, I've talked to other random parents in game stores. I somehow feel I should inform them of what games they are getting their children. You're family. You have an even bigger right to have your opinion known. Be calm about it. Tell them why you're concerned. Write something out if you think it will help you with your points. Just be willing to be contradicted, and maybe for no good reason. They might feel it's ok. They might also think about it and realize you're right. Don't be scared to talk about it though. You'll wonder if you should have for a long time.

What are your favorite Egyptian gods? Osiris obviously amiright?

RA! Osiris? Smh...


A big thanks to Dams for being our very first advice-giver! Next week's ConsulTAYtion: multiplayer insecurities, depression, and white chocolate.

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