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This week's guest columnist: UI 2.0

I'm trying to really start using reddit more often and to even participate in the discussion; is there something I can do to make sure I don't look like a total dumbass on reddit? Thanks!

First, I'm going to be straight with you, I don't reddit a lot but I'm going to answer this to the best of my ability. I can't comment on the reddit community as a whole as I've only lurked on certain subreddits such as /anime, /manga and others such as those. As far as I can tell, different subreddits have a unique personality/flow to them.

1) You can start by lurking if you aren't already doing so. By lurking, you can get a feel of the community and how they react to certain jokes. You may also be clued in on inside jokes within the community. The last thing you want to do is try to engage in an inside joke without realizing it's a joke. That may turn some people against you.

2) Be respectful and try your best to avoid knee jerk reaction. You don't want to start antagonizing others or start an argument for something minor. But we're human, and we can't always avoid arguments or knee jerk reaction.

So if you do end up in an argument, try avoid using logical fallacies. Here's something to help you out:


Don't be afraid to walk away from argument if you know you the other person and you aren't seeing eye to eye. Also, don't be afraid to admit when you're wrong.

3) Discussions are back and forth, so be ready to backup your claims. If you can't back it up, it's better not to start a discussion on a claim you can't back up. No one is going to believe you if you make an statement or accusation without proof.

4) Don't force your opinions and belief onto others. You can make your points but ultimately it's on the other party to agree or disagree. It's not your job nor place to make them listen to you.

5) Enjoy yourself. As far as I can tell, a lot of people love to joke around on reddit so feel free to make jokes. Just keep in mind to be respectful about it and not go around insulting others. Don't force yourself to joke or try too hard to come up with a good joke because the best ones are by accident or comes naturally.

Hopefully this helps you out. And the same rules can be apply to other internet discussion. But really, the internet is like the wild west and there are plenty of dumbasses out there. Just because there are doesn't mean you should follow their lead and be disrespectful to others.

I got a scholarship from an organization whose values and actions I personally find to be completely reprehensible. I'd love to reject it in dramatic "I don't need your money!" fashion but the thing is I do need the money - it's not an insignificant amount and would go a long way in getting me through the school year. I just feel sick at the idea of taking cash from a group of people whose platform I'm so morally opposed to. I feel like I have some sort of ethical obligation to turn the scholarship down but the pragmatist in me is thinking that I really do need that money and it's not like rejecting it is going to change anything anyway.


Ah, a question of ethics. I'm going to start right off the bat that there is no right answer here and in the future, you're likely to encounter similar situations again and again. This may be a little confusing, but I'm going to work backward on situation:

You may not think that rejecting will change anything but I argue that it did. Let's say you take the money, would you feel dirty? And if you are as morally opposed to the organizations values and actions, how do you think you'll feel about them after you take their money? Would you still be as morally opposed as you were before you took the money or would you be less? And if you are still as opposed as you were before, do you feel like a hypocrite and lose some of the right to criticize them in the future? If you choose to make an exception to this situation, just keep in mind that making exceptions can become a hard habit to break. You may find yourself making excuses/exceptions to many things you disagree with, simply because it's easier for you.

You've probably heard of the saying "with the right price, anyone can be bought" and for the most part, that's true. Because after you accept that money, consider yourself bought even if it's just a little. Now, this may eat you alive or it may not but it certainly will change you. Seeing as how passionate as you sound, I suspect you may be the type that does feel a good sense of guilt if you've done something wrong. This may not be a wrong in the eye of the law but it's a wrong that violates your principles. Or you can be an ass, take the money and continue to bash them but at the price of credibility.


Lastly, if you are rejecting the money there is no need to be dramatic when rejecting it. That will just comes off as rude and disrespectful regardless if you agree with their morals or not. They are not out to force you into their values/actions (unless it's one of those scholarships where you have to attend events and so on after accepting the money). But I digress, if you're going to reject just respectfully decline and you can let them know why. At the very least, hopefully they can understand that you're a decent human being and capable of treating others as so.

The high road is not a cheap nor easy road to take but if you truly believe in what you stand for then you're going have to fight for it even if that means turning down a lot of money. In the end, the choice is yours: do you stand firmly in what you believe in or do you think the money will greatly outweigh violating your principles?

Hey! I ended up with a significant chunk of extraneous cash. I want to purchase something for my enjoyment, but I ended up not having anything that I really wish to spend it on. My biggest problem is that everything that I want would require me to buy other stuff to be useful at all. For example, if I want to buy the new D&D player's handbook, I would have to also buy the dungeon master's guide and monster manual to actually play the game (Not to mention the fact that I have no friends to play with). Should I just go ahead and buy something that will be completely useless now until I get another windfall and buy what will make it less useless, or should I just hold off and let my money trickle away slowly as I buy stuff that I don't really need?


First, I'll gladly lighten your wallet? No? Alright.

I advise against buying useless stuff especially if it requires you to buy more stuff to become remotely useful. On top of that, the fact that you may not even end up using it is a red flag for buyer's remorse. You'll end up with stuff just sitting there in your house and out a chunk of cash.

If you're dead set on getting something that requires you to buy a bunch of things, at the very least try to make sure you'll use it and not leave it on the side for it to collect dust.


So unless you know you can make use out of it, I don't recommend buying anything big. You can always use the extra money and reinvest them into stocks, CD, or bonds. If investment isn't really something you want to do and you'd rather go for goods then I suggest letting your money trickle. At the very least, if something unexpected comes up you'll have some money rather than no money to pay.

If you could compete in any Olympic sport which one would you choose?

That would be fencing or archery. I have zero experience in fencing. My eyesight is pretty damn poor but archery is damn fun.


Special thanks to UI for doling out some solid advice this week!

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