I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Cooking with TAY and Grocery List

Following this brief introduction is grocery list for "The Miami Connection" Movie Night!



I think after careful deliberation, I'll use (and hope everyone else will too) Cooking with TAY as the tag for any recipe. I'll try to remind if I see anyone posting recipes to tag appropriately.


I'll use Shopping with TAY for any grocery list.

and finally for my own movie night related everything, Cooking Furby

OK now with my tags out of the way...

——End Intro—-

I'm going to do three lists here and I think I will keep this format. The first list is for chefs/foodies/purists. This will be the original, unaltered, recipe. The ingredients will probably run you more money with the trade off being that the end product will probably be more delicious.


The second list will be what to buy if you want the food, but don't have a lot of money/are not that skilled at cooking but still want to participate. For example, the Cubano recipe calls for Cuban bread. Italian bread will work fine in a pinch. Purists may moan and say "ITS NOT A CUBANO" but the idea is to have a facsimile of the "real deal"

The third list will be any vegetarian (sorry vegans I can't put THAT much thought into it.) modifications. If you are vegan and want to be included, feel free to email me or contact me on my conTAYct page.



1. Gordon Ramsey would buy

1 Loaf of cuban bread

1/2 pound Roasted Pork or Pulled pork (you'll have enough to make a few sandwiches) (someone remind me to link to the recipe I'll write up later)


1/2 pound sliced ham

Swiss cheese

Dill pickles

Dijon Mustard

2. A Furby would buy

1 loaf Italian bread or French bread (whatever is cheapest. You really can't use plain white bread for this as it's rather sloppy and needs a thick bread to protect your hands from the grease)


Cheapest Ham from the Deli in your supermarket, (if they can, have them cut it about 2x thicker than shaving). If you don't have a deli get a pack of ham sandwich meat

Pork - hard to furbatize this (yes I made that word up). You can buy a pack of pulled pork that you just pop into the microwave for around 3-4$. You will probably only need 1/3 of that amount and pulled pork is good so you can use it for lunch the next day as well. Look for something like this, although plain and without tons of sauce on it. If you cannot find any pork whatsoever, substitute thick cut roast beef deli meat - close enough.


American cheese slices, small pack

Yellow mustard, store brand

Pickles (cheapest)

3. What a Triceratops would buy

Extra firm tofu

imitation sandwich meat, ham if available, if not, any will do

loaf of bread of choice (Italian, Cuban, french)


Yellow mustard

Swiss cheese

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