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Cooking with TAY: Home Fries

So you want some fries but don’t want to leave your house? Well you’re in luck if you happen to have the following:

  • Oven
  • Potatoes
  • A cookie sheet
  • nonstick spray (optional),
  • Foil (Optional)
  • A knife (sharp and easy to handle)
  • A cutting surface (preferably a cutting board)
  • Your preferred seasonings like salt and pepper or whatever floats your boat. (I use french fry seasoning.)

Check this out folks!

So get those Potatoes! And remove the eyes if they began to grow. Then wash the dirt and stuff off because who wants dirty fries right?

Get your cookie sheet or Fry sheet its multipurpose call it what you want!


And I line mine with foil and spray it with nonstick spray don’t want to lose any fries if I over bake them. So yeah just a precaution. Also you want you can sprinkle a bit of your seasonings on the pan to make sure the under sides of the fries get some love too. Preheat your oven to about 400 degrees or your equivalent my oven burns hotter so I am slightly below 400 on the dial.

Start cutting those spuds up however you want I do mine like this though.


Place them on the sheet as you go. Keep cutting them up until you run out of space on the cookie sheet.


Once you have your sheet filled start seasoning them up do a little excess and shake the sheet up to help even things out.

Then put them in the oven


I bake min for a round 40-60 it differs on how much I cook, what rack their on Top in this case and how they were cut.

Just check on them I usually bake until they begin to brown.

Check on them if they are ready. Pull those babies outs carefully its hot potatoes ya’ know!


Serve them up with whatever else you have like condiments and other things like a hot dog you had left ovr from grilling the other day.


I hope this helps those of you who have never done this or have the listed stuff above and don’t want to leave your home for fries.

I think I will share my no bake cheesecake with you all next! I will convert the cheesecake haters! It’s light and not to rich!

I encourage others with signature or easy to do recipes to share. Novibear out!


Header Image Background Credit goes to: ArquitectCarDesigns

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