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Cooking with TAY Logo

Gracing us with his ferocity, glory, and cuteness descends TAY’s lord and savior to bestow upon us a cooking logo. This day marks the beginning of a new era... OF FOOD! BEHOLD HIS POWER!


Many people have been poking and prodding me about coming up with a ‘Cooking with TAY’ logo, so I began to sketch a few ideas. Initially, I wanted to base it off of the Bear God that Bonny so graciously provided us with, but then I decided it might be funnier to just have a bear cooking.


I’ve never drawn fur before. It wasn’t quite coming out how I wanted it, things weren’t looking good, and most importantly: the finer-details wouldn’t scale down well. SO, I decided to try and enlist the aid of the master himself: Bonny John, to teach me how-to-fur. When I mentioned the concept, however, he really took it in and said he’d be interested in taking it up himself.

There were a couple of things I was looking to add, so we got to talking and he drew out a concept as we were going through them. Initially, I wanted to add some kind of surface below the pot, but being the definition of strength, why not just have him hold the pot in his grizzly arms? Being a master chef, we also decided he had to have an apron. With polka-dots. Yeah.


We also decided to go back to the bear god. I was going to write out a story, but... why do I need to? Bear gods have to eat. Bear gods have dreams. Don’t tell the bear god he can’t be a chef.

Here’s what we (mostly him) ended up with at the end of the evening:


Cute lil dude, isn’t he? Anyway, Bonny can elaborate more on the process if he’d like to, but he said he’d take the rest under his wing and I’m just going to assume the steps went like this over the course of the following day:

  1. Use the concept we came up with
  2. Incorporate more manbeargod
  3. ???
  4. Profit

and what we got in the end is what you see at the top in the header!


I’ve created a dropbox folder (that you can find here) that contains two items:

1. The PNG (transparent) logo that Bonny originally provided me with

2. A PNG (again, transparent) logo with the typical TAY heading size (800 x 450)

Enjoy, everybody! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Huge thanks to Bonny for finishing this concept so-damn-awesomely. Really stunning work, as always.

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