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I'm really feeling it!

Cooking with TAY! Movie Night Shopping list!

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Although this might be a little alien to some people (OH GOD I COULD NOT RESIST), I'm going to create Welsh Rarebit Hamburgers. Prepare to get sloppy.


This recipe has a special place in my heart as Welsh Rarebit and its cousin, Chipped Beef were some of the only things my dad could actually "cook" beside mac n cheese and vienna sausages.


As usual, here are your shopping lists.

The quick and the easy

  • Pre cooked chicken patties (I don't think they have pre cooked frozen hamburgers, but if they do, get those)
  • Welsh Rarebit Stouffer's meal

I kid you not.

Alton Brown says: (don't be intimidated by the length, you probably have 90% of it already)

  • 1 x 16 oz bottle of Porter style beer
  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Dijon mustard (you should have some left over from when you made cubanos. Right?!)
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Heavy Cream (going to need about a cup)
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar
  • (optional) hot sauce
  • Sourdough hamburger rolls
  • (optional) bacon
  • Hamburger meat and whatever spices you want to add to the meat (I'm just going plain hamburger with some diced onion + salt/pepper)

Herbivore's power level. It's over 1900!

For this recipe I'd suggest either just dropping the meat altogether as this is a mutant rarebit anyway.

  • So you'll need everything above for Alton Brown's recipe minus the hamburger accouterments
  • Rye Bread

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