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Screenshot: Screenshot by me (CoolMath games)

Aw yeah, now we’re getting to the good stuff.

Sure, hangman is cool and all, but if you’re a kid looking to goof off in your computer class, you don’t want boring old words. You want action! Adventure! Space aliens!


Luckily, that’s what Run is. That’s all it is. Programmed by Josheph Cloutier (@player_03) with art by Alex Ostroff, and music by someone unknown, Run is a very simple platformer.

You’re some weird gray alien thing and you’re running away from the screen down a seemingly endless blue corridor, jumping over holes in the ground to make way to…somewhere. Who is this gray creature? Where is it going? Why is it running instead of walking calmly? What does its face look like? Does it even have a face? Is it possible that it is actually facing us and running backwards? None of those questions are answered in this game, but there actually is a wiki for the series, because why not. Personally, I like the mystery.

What made Run stand out from all of the other flash games on CoolMathGames was partially the simplicity of its premise, and also one cool gimmick: You can jump onto the walls, which causes the camera to flip so that the wall is now the ceiling. Szeth son-son Vallano, eat your heart out.

Screenshot: Screenshot from CoolMath (CoolMath games)

In addition to a normal campaign, there was also an infinite mode, where the long corridor actually did go on forever, and an edit mode to make your own levels. I pretty much only stuck with the main Adventure mode when I was a wee lad, because telling me that I was completing specific levels allowed me to convince myself that I was accomplishing something when I was wasting time in class.

Oh, and there was also some groovy techno music throughout the whole game that did an excellent job of keeping me playing through my inevitable deaths.


As always with these kinds of games, I would eventually get bored at how much I sucked at it, and then move on to the next one. So that’s what I’m going to do here, ending this article as abruptly as that little alien died in my ill-fated playthroughs of the game. 

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