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Welcome to Volume 1 of Cosplay Noob! Come along with me on a magical adventure to cosplay land where I, the 6’4” semi - giant (not to be confused with GBD ACTUAL giant), will go from zero to .... fractionally more than zero!

My goal? To build an entire Bloodborne cosplay ensemble from scratch within one year.


Obstacles? I don’t know how to....anything. I have never sewn, I have never used ...foamcore (or even know what that is), I’ve never cast anything in bronze or stabbed a man in the dead of winter. Essentially I have no skills whatsoever. What I DO have is two hands, the internet, a modest budget, and a brain that is fairly sharp.

I was sort of inspired to write this after reading a bit about Mekiwates, the cosplayer who was featured on Kotaku, he seems like a total ass and doesn’t want to help anyone else make their own damn hat. I’m going to trial and error the everloving CRAP out of that mother, so you can all see my trials and tribulations and eventually have a pattern with exact measurements and easy to follow pictures once I figure it out.

Today I’ll outline my plan and you are all free to offer assistance or tell me to get toe cancer. Either one.

I guess Step 1 is to get an idea of what I want to actually make. A checklist of sorts.

  1. Tricorn (sort of) hat
  2. Sawblade
  3. Various belts and buckles
  4. Coat
  5. Vest
  6. Leather Bracers
  7. Gator thing
  8. Boots
  9. Pants

That’s all pretty vague but those are most of the outfit. I think some of it I may purchase such as pants - no need to reinvent the wheel sometimes. The gator I may purchase and modify. Same with vest and some other things. We’ll cross that road when we come to it.


The MAIN things I want to make - the hat, the sawblade, and the leather bracers. Those are the most iconic parts of the outfit and I want them perfect.

We’ll start with the hat. Here are some reference images.


I bought some black pleather from Jo-Anne’s. The lady was being SUPER nosy and I felt bad being like, “IM GOING TO TRY TO MAKE SOMETHING WAY ABOVE MY PAYGRADE LADY” so I just told her I was making sex toys a hat for my daughter’s school play. Seriously. So nosy. I was like, lady, stop. please. this is why i don’t like leaving my house.


Fairly good texture similarities but I dunno how stiff or how to go about making it yet. I’ll have to start doing some sketches. Thankfully pleather is fairly cheap and also on SALE right now for 5.99 a yard. I bought two yards as I figured I’d screw it all up several times.

So that’s where I’m at now. I need to see if pleather can be stretched over a mold to make the hat cup. I’d ideally like to form this out of one piece of fabric so I guess I’ll really have to plan well.....


welp, off to play TERA. I’ll think more about this tomorrow.

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