Welcome to the second edition of my Bloodborne cosplay attempt. When last we left off I was obsessed with making the hunter’s hat from bloodborne.

This is going to be more difficult than I first thought. I’m going to try multiple approaches - 1. Papercraft with mod podge/resin then sanding it down, painting it and seeing how it looks. I’m using this tricon hat template that I will modify to include the wings. 2. Just...mess around with the pleather and see if I can’t stretch it anyway. If not, then maybe just trying to hide the seams from where I will have to....sew it? glue it? (spoiler: Glue. I can’t sew yet) 3. Buy some leather.

#3 seems the best option but also the most expensive and riskiest so we’ll see.

So for right now I’ve abandoned the hat in lieu of using my weekend sans daughter to work on making the Saw cleaver. I’m using instructions from this amazing site. You can find the template for the saw cleaver here.


1. Print out the template and tape it together as described in the template itself.


2. Trace the template onto foam core. I used...this one. HOW ARE YOUR MENTAL ROTATION SKILLS?!


Make sure to cut the bulb off where it’s marked on the handle and create a third trace (you’re going to need 2 foam boards) of this new piece. This will be your gap piece. Having made this I’d say if you want you’re safe to make another saw blade and another gap piece. With only one piece of foam the blade feels a bit insubstantial to me and I think it’d be a bit more hefty with two blades.

3. Cut out your pieces. This takes time. Especially the saw blade. Some tips: Buy a 50 pack of exacto knife blades. Replace your blade after cutting every face of the handle. Replace your blade after cutting the top, after cutting the sides, and twice for the teeth. Foam core, it turns out does a NUMBER on your blades. I found this out the hard way. Tip #2. Cut twice - three times. Will from Storm the castle recommends three times, 1st cut will cut the paper on top, 2nd cut will cut the foam, and 3rd cut cuts the bottom paper. I found cutting twice worked just fine. Tip #3 Cut on a couple pieces of cardboard or a cutting mat otherwise you’re going to have to explain to your landlord/significant other/parent why the floor is all cut up.


4. Assemble the handle. Glue the gap piece as the “meat” in a sandwich. Long handle, gap piece, long handle. Make sure it aligns as well as you can (you can clean it up later if it’s not perfect).


5. Bevel everything. This is tricky but the good news is doing it poorly actually looks kind of cool I think - like the handle is nicked. Anyway bevel the handle up to but NOT INCLUDING the hinge section. Stop at the top of the gap piece. Next bevel the saw teeth. I only did one side of each tooth but both faces (front and back) because I’m lazy. It will probably haunt me later.

6. OK now because foam core is...foam, you need to strengthen the edges. Use white glue and apply it to all open foam spots (along all the edges). Smear it in liberally and clean any up that seeps over on to the faces. Be ESPECIALLY careful about the hinge region on both the blade and the handle. clean up any glue that seeps into the hinge immediately.

7. After the glue has dried (may take several hours/overnight) apply a thin coat of mod podge to the blade and handle. This makes a better surface for the paint and also strengthens the blade. Be sure to use a thin layer as getting the blade wet will warp it and make it curve (again, this might be not as big a deal with two blades glued together). Do one side, let dry about 25 minutes and then turn it and do the other side.


8. Paint! I used red apple acrylic paint from Joanne Fabric (69 cents for 2 oz) but you can use any brand you want. Again, do a thin coat of black, let dry, and then I ended up doing another as it was pretty streaky. Two coats looks great though. Make sure to put something under your painting surface, this can get messy (I actually did my painting out in the driveway and my pants were too big so I had plumbers crack for everyone driving by (tmi?))


To be continued! Next up I will assemble the hinge, complete with pins to allow the weapon to be trick-like as in the games. After that we paint, apply the bandages, and start killing bad d00ds.

Also this weekend I went to my local Savers (like Goodwill) and picked up some black leather boots for 10 bucks, and also this coat for 7.99!


Kidechka is going to help me dye and tailor to look more like the hunter’s coat.

It’s Cosplay Noob!

My goal? To build an entire Bloodborne cosplay ensemble from scratch within one year.


Obstacles? I don’t know how to....anything. I have never sewn, I have never used ...foamcore (or even know what that is), I’ve never cast anything in bronze or stabbed a man in the dead of winter. Essentially I have no skills whatsoever. What I DO have is two hands, the internet, a modest budget, and a brain that is fairly sharp.