I'm really feeling it!

Clank moves and talks now. Moving and talking is cool.

I managed to solve my animatronics conundrum the old fashioned way- hidden wires. While his voice is provided via a phone app (anyone can talk for him if they call my cell phone!) the actual mouth movements are on me. I’m on an exceedingly tight budget, so with little more than some leftover armature wire (the stuff that keeps Ratchet’s oversized ears upright and in shape), string, duct tape, Sugru, and an old cat feather dangly toy, I made a pulley-and lever system inside Clank’s head, which threads through my suit like the existing bicycle brake solution (detailed in an earlier CospLAZY, click the tags at the end). It’s capped off by the feather toy’s long plastic part, which can expand and contract to actually operate the pulleys. It cot me a grand total of $0 to modify Clank to do this, since I already owned everything.


Desperation the source of inspiration and all that.

I’ll be at PAX this weekend, all four days, though I’ll only wear Ratchet for 2. He’s got an air conditioner inside him now (housed in the left ear, I’m thinking about installing a second in the right) but I’d still like my sanity and some time incognito. Find me around the floor if you need cosplay repair supplies. Clank is a functional backpack, and I’ll keep him stocked with glues, duct tape, needle and thread, and the like. I’m a moderator for Podcast Beyond, so at the very least, you can find Ratchet on Saturday at the panel!

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