CospLAZY: Because I couldn't come up with a better name and it kinda fits. This tag will be for costuming, both tutorials and discussions thereof.

My other segment will return soon, I'm just mired in a huge work project right now and it/Otakon/moving preparations took over my life for the past few weeks. Also, I got 3 Day passes to NYCC so I'm now trying to kick this out the door to debut there.

ROCKET RACCOON: MOVIE VERSION (planning, and jumpsit, phase 1)

So, my friends and I have been on a HUUUUGE Guardians (of the Galaxy) kick lately. I *did* actually know who they were prior to the movie, but just Rocket and Groot (I mean, the two of them are just Sam and Max IN SPACE, and anybody who knows me knows that Max is my spirit animal). I knew it was 90% action comedy with a stream of foul one-liners out of Rocket's mouth, which, again, means I would love it.

This whole ordeal with making Rocket started with a painting I made a week ago (yep, blind painter, add that to your list of weird), and kind of snowballed from there. Two very good friends, Josh and Blake, one a former international judo champ (and a walking tank), and the other a spot-on duplicate for Human Teddie from Persona 4 (and a walking chick magnet), both asked if they could get Drax and Peter Quill costumes from me respectively (although I'm sure if they were reversed it would be way funnier).


I was like, 'Eh, I'm short. I'll do Rocket. I worked with fur and leather for Hiccup, this shouldn't be that much more difficult'.

Famous last words, guys.


Just look at that jumpsuit. HOW WOULD YOU EVEN PUT IT ON?! How in the world does it even hook closed?!

And ran into my first problem immediately. Rocket is a mascot costume, which is actually not so bad- I looked up a few head tutorials and it seems similar to the puppetry work I've done before for school, just with a hollow head and eye-holes.


I think that class was probably the creepiest requirement I ever had to take. Imagine a room FULL of these guys.. plus half-finished marionettes or doll heads without eyes. Every day. For a semester. GAH. SO CREEPY.

So Ed was cuddly, and taught me a thing or two I need for this build, but still. SO CREEPY.

Anyway, the mascot head just seemed like a larger version of the Bob-the-Builder puppets we had to make for class. Cool. I got this. The arms, legs, and tail are pretty straightforward, and just really large plush toy parts without the stuffing (except the tail). The lower leg parts and the tail would be attached by a drawstring garter system with an opening between the legs as I plan to a) wear tights underneath and b) will have the jumpsuit over, and as you can see in the reference pic, the area between the legs is not jumpsuit, but BLACK LEATHER. I don't want more fabric there than I need to. Tights>Layer of fur>leather will likely mean death, even in the winter.


The second piece is the jumpsuit, which I am actually making in about 7 different overlocking pieces. The base suit zips, shown on the right, and then layers of the leather vest-like thing will snap on over. The blue/green glowing orb on the center back of his vest will be played by an emergency stairwell light covered in cellophane. Bonus in that it lights up if someone presses on it.


I'd say one would work on his back. I've previously used one for GLaDOS's "eye" in my GLaDOS puppet.

So then I go and get my fabrics.


From top-to-bottom, left-to-right:

Brown pleather, orange wet vynl, black pleather

Brown short fake fur, brown suede, dark brown long fake fur, black short fake fur, brown wet vynl


(center bottom) Long white fake fur

Cost: $72 (lots of leftover pieces from Hiccup and some purses I've made)

Additional materials: emergency stairwell light, insulation foam, cardboard, fabric spray paint (to make the fur look more realistic and less single-toned), Model Magic, clear-coat gloss, hot glue, epoxy, HDF, 10MM clear plumbing tubing, zipper, snaps, Velcro, Polyfil, cellophane


Extra stuff- A small houseplant (I have plenty of those)

Cost: about $30 (almost all of this is left over from prior work- yes, even the plumbing)

First thing I do is the hardest-the jumpsuit. I want to be able to wear it separately (with the tail and an ear headband) for Halloween, so I want it done first.


Just some straight seams, blocking out for the collar and zipper


Starting to take shape- armholes!

And the mess that is Rocket's jumpsuit at the end of day 1. Sides and back are sewn down, zipper installed. Beginning to size up armholes and hem. Still looks like a massive bag, but when I start fitting it with the foam I'll be wearing underneath (so I don't have to bind my chest too much) it'll start looking more like Rocket.


Stay tuned!

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