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Could've, Would've, Should've

I think we have all been there where we think back so something that we should have done. Specifically there have even been particular instances revolving around games dealing with this particular issue. I have been described as frugal by my friends at times, also cheap at other times. And this is a true thing, but it sometimes bites me in the butt when all of a sudden I cannot ever find the game that I decided to wait on at a decent price, or one anyway near what I could have gotten it for when I first saw it. There have been a few notable cases of this in my life so far.

The first one is related to the first image. Tales of Symphonia was a game I saw CONSTANTLY in stores but I was more focused on my ps2 than I was on my gamecube so I always told myself that it could wait until next time. I kept saying this until finally it was nowhere to be found in the stores I frequent. Upset about this I took to the secondary place of looking for things, the internet. And the price was just not what I was wanting to spend on the game, but if I had picked it up when it was in the bargain bin then I would have been happy. Because of this I have had to largely just enjoy it through videos and occasional playthroughs of my friends copy but it still irks me when I look at my other Tales games and realize there is a central one missing from my collection.


This next one I most decidedly completely blame on myself. I have played both the gamecube and wii versions of Fire Emblem, because I borrowed them from my cousin. But after I did so I completely forgot to get myself a copy of either of them for my own collection. This was not jump started until I bought Fire Emblem Awakening for the 3DS and absolutely loved it. Because I was enjoying it so much I thought that it would be cool to add those older ones to my collection. An idea that apparently had become popular, leading to some very crazy prices on both of those games. I was dumbfounded and very much chagrined at how much the price had gone up, because I knew that I could have picked up copies of them fairly reasonably if I had just pulled the trigger and bought them after I first beat them.

I tend to obsess about stupid things like this, so I always kick myself when I let games like this slip through my fingers, especially when they would add so much to my collection. But it does help to keep these experiences in your mind because you can then use that foreknowledge to kind of get a jump on yourself and grab the deals you have to when you need to. I definitely know about living on limited means which makes it all the more important to pick games up when you can before they take the inevitable price skyrocket. What about you my dearest TAY? Have there been any games or anything really, that you know in the back of your mind you should have picked up, but for whatever reason did not?

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