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Whats up! I’ve been working on an article that counts down the top 5 best video game openings. It’s not finished, however I have some of the choices ironed out at this point. There was an opportunity to apply for a video producer job at Kotaku so I figured why not turn this article in a quick video series. I did lie about dropping a new video each day countdown style, you’re only gonna get one for now. It is number 5 on my list, none other than Final Fantasy XV. Check out the video below! I plan to start producing more video content in the coming months and will continue to write. My YouTube channel is Player 2 Push Start. If anyone has any ideas on content they would like to collaborate on or see me do let me know!

I’m a fan of gaming just as much as gaming culture. I’m trying to find new ways to blend my hobbies, passions, whatever you want to call them, all together. Currently I’m practicing my writing (duh) and working on producing a Youtube web series (based on bartending) as well as a gaming podcast. I spend the rest of my time running my bar/restaurant. You can find me here!


Twitter @frattyman

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