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I mean, you hold it in your hands and everything! Duh.

If you’re unaware why that title and opening are supposed to be funny (because you didn’t scroll down just a little bit more) I highly suggest first reading this wonderful post by Wiim:


In it, they make a really great point about why the NS is neither a handheld nor a hybrid, and I think it should be read first to provide context for my post here. Because I’m not disagreeing with that post or author, I’m disagreeing with Nintendo.


While I’m still pulling for a home run, I really hate some of the choices Nintendo has made regarding the Nintendo Switch (NS). Obviously, it’s far too early to say if its success will go one way or another, but first impressions and all that. For me, Nintendo has not made a great first impression. In fact, the NS reveal actually lessened my enthusiasm.

Now, it should go without saying this post is strictly my opinion, I don’t know any more than the general public, and Ninty has every chance to prove some things wrong. But for as long as the post I linked is true, I believe my main point will also be true.


Nintendo has yet to refer to the NS as either a hybrid or a handheld. I understand the reasoning for this, but I also think it’s foolish. Obviously Nintendo doesn’t want to harm the 3DS’ sales, since it is the last hope they have if NS fails. But consistently calling Switch a home console, and pricing it comparatively to the other other home consoles is also a mistake.

Essentially, Nintendo is selling another 360/PS3/Wii U for $300. Sure, it’s also portable and power doesn’t matter, and blah blah blah. Hear me out. I’m sure that lack of power doesn’t matter to most of us who are in the know. I know it really doesn’t matter to the Nintendo faithful. But Joe & Jane public won’t say “oh, well sacrifices have to be made for the ability to play it for 4hrs away from the tv.


No, Mr/z Public is looking at the game selection. They will see PS4 Slim & XBOX ONE S for $300 on one side, with all the incredible games that have come out (and general public actually DOES care about graphics, if only because it makes them feel smart). On the other side they will see the 3DS for $200 (though a lot of places have it also listed at $300) with all the incredible games it has earned. In the middle they will see the Wii U, still hovering at $300 with a much smaller game library, next to the Switch, another $300 console that looks like a sleeker Wii U and even has similar games- but in smaller cases.

Still the better logo...

What incentive, barring a phenomenal ad campaign, does anyone have to buy a portable Wii U? Say I’m talking to this person (JJ Public), how do I convince them the Switch is the best option?

“Well, you can take your games on the go!”

So why don’t I save $100 to use on games and buy a 3DS?

“Because it’s way more powerful than that. You can plug it in to your tv and play games with Wii U graphics!”


I could pay the same price for a PS4/XB1 plug that in and have those graphics.

“Well it offers many ways to play. Including Wii like motion controls!”

I own a Wii for that.

“It has HD Rumble and a little Kinect in one of its handles!”

I don’t need a High Def vibrator or Kinect.

“There’s a whole bunch of accessories!”

Everything is so pricy for it. At least that XBOX comes with a game and LiVE.

*sweating* “Well...n- nobody makes...fun like Nnnintendo!”

I count 5 games. Does it at least offer Netflix like every other console and handheld here?




I just don’t see what Nintendo is going for.

If they keep calling it a console, then they’re selling the weakest console at the same price without games (again). If they call it a handheld, it’s the most powerful handheld ever made- but way too expensive. Calling it a hybrid would work out better.


Nintendo really seems have dug a new hole while trying to dig themselves out of a hole.

I’m upset that they chose to still be a companion console. But I really hope that it works out for them. Obviously, there will probably be a nice dripfeed of information before it releases. But if every piece of news is the same “step forward, step back” as it has been, I don’t think Nintendo will really win over anyone who isn’t sold. I really, truly want them to succeed. But as it stands I won’t be considering one until at least next year.

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