I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Welcome to Craf-TAY Corner, the monthly feature that showcases the creative side of Talk Amongst Yourselves. If you have any creative hobbies whatsoever, even if they aren’t strictly game related, this is the place to show off your latest project.


The past month has been a race to the finish line as I need to get my art ready for my Artist Alley gig at Nan Desu Kan at the beginning of September. Because like death and taxes, printers invariably miss their deadlines so I always like to have a month’s worth of extra time to account for mistakes and emergencies. The second most challenging piece I had to finish for this year was the Final Fantasy VI image that is shown in the header. Oh my God that thing took so much work. Most of my time was spent deciphering Yoshitaka Amano’s original character designs trying to come up with any kind of concrete detail. While his artwork is stunning, from a design standpoint, a modeler would be in a corner weeping trying to figure out what parts are supposed to represent. So I took a lot of liberties with my final versions, using a lot of influence from what I could figure out in the art and the designs of the in-game sprites.

As for around TAY, Division-ten continues to stun with her cosplay magic as she presents a neat fan fiction illustrated by photos of herself in her awesome Racket and Clank costume. She was also nice enough to share her reference images and process so plebs like us can learn how to do the cool stuff she does. Also, this was earlier in the year but I missed it because of not being online from March until June, but Nightshift Nurse has his comic book on sale. Support the TAY crowd and check it out! There was also a member who built a robot and I saved the article, but either Kinja ate it or the user deleted it. If you were the user who built the robot, please share it! Robots are cool! (When they aren’t overthrowing the human race.)

If you have any upcoming, ongoing or finished projects, by all means, please share them in the thread. We love seeing all the cool things people do, so don’t be shy! If you want your project featured, when you make an article about it make sure to tag it Craf-TAY Corner so I can find it. If you have any questions/comments about the feature you can either ask a question below or contact me directly on my Con-TAY-ct page.

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