Welcome to Craf-TAY Corner, the monthly feature that showcases the creative side of Talk Among Yourselves. If you do any kind of creative activities from art to crafts, cosplay to GunPla, even if it isn't strictly video game related, we want to see it!

Since finishing Bayonetta back in January, I decided to go back and finish off a few projects that have been collecting dust these past few months (okay, in reality, years. I'm bad about doing projects in a timely manner.) First off, I finally put in the eyelashes and eyes of my ball-joint doll. I got her a couple of summers ago and while I got her painted up fairly quickly, setting the eyelashes proved fairly daunting. First the glue gun I had was insufficient, then when I got the right kind of gun I had the wrong kind of glue, and I nearly ruined the face-up trying to set the eyelashes the first time. Now that I had the time I decided to take a second stab at it. Setting eyelashes was still nerve wracking, and I had to jury-rig a hot needle in order to get rid of some excess glue that was globbing up and preventing the eyes from being set in the right place. Her eyes got moved aside a bit when I put her face plate back on, but the good news is straightening the eyes now is super easy. Next up is to make her wig (I could always buy one but they're fairly expensive and I have loads of hair lying all over the place) and then I can start making her some clothes. Clothes for ball-joint dolls are actually a lot easier to do than Barbie clothes because she's bigger and areas aren't so tight to work on.


The other thing I finished up last month was my Rainbow Dash brushable. Feathering plastic hair in order to get that spikey look that the character has in the cartoon wasn't easy, especially since compared to a doll's head, the ponies don't have all that much hair. Now that my work table is a little less cluttered I can get started on the big cosplay project I intended to finish last year until stupid life stuff got in the way. It's about 4 months until Denver Comic Con and I want to show this baby off! Also, I have a big, video game related art piece I want to put together. It's going to take a while but next month I can start showing off some of my sketches.

As for around TAY, Bonny John has come back full force with his Pokemon a Day of my favorite generation. What makes his art so cool and fun to watch out for is how different and varied he makes every Pokemon. And because he's a complete show off, he's done some other art too. And JpSr388 brought back Sunday Draw


As always, if you have a project, whether it's one you're planning, you've finished or are in the middle of, talk about it in the comments. If you want your own work featured for next month, don't forget to tag it 'Craf-TAY Corner' so I can find it and feature it. If you have any questions or comments about the feature, you can either ask in the comments below, or contact me directly via my Con-TAY-ct Page.